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    How are virtual spaces being conquered now that technical possibilities permit people to construct parallel worlds in the digital universe. This book looks at the cognitive, social, technological and aesthetic dimensions of a dataculture which attempts to mark out new routes to communicate the practices and strategies of artistic and scientific engagement.
    ISBN 9783211785386. Springer Verlag.
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  • (Non-) Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture: 306090:15

    (Non-) Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture: 306090:15

    What is essential knowledge for architecture? This frequently posed question targets fundamental principles of design, those basic criteria and priorities through which disciplinary stability is ensured. (Non-) Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture collects projects that envision possible futures for architecture through speculations about new disciplinary knowledge. Asking what specific methods, materials, or understandings: tools, ratios, formulas, properties, principles, guidelines, definitions, rules, practices, techniques, reference points, histories, and more, not presently considered essential to architecture could, or should, define its future; this new volume of 306090 serves as both a gauge of contemporary concerns and a manual for emergent theory and practice.
    ISBN 9780615779515. Princeton Architectural Press.
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  • 306090: 01

    306090: 01

    ISBN 9781568983479. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $25.00
  • 3D and Animated Lenticular Photography

    3D and Animated Lenticular Photography

    ISBN 9783110413069. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
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  • 40 Years of World Heritage Convention

    40 Years of World Heritage Convention

    ISBN 9783110427769. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $95.00
  • A Death: Notes of a Suicide

    A Death: Notes of a Suicide

    In a Yiddish take on Notes from Underground, a dark love affair develops in an unnamed Eastern European city between the young, impoverished, violently self-loathing teacher, Shloyme—and a hungry, spiteful and unsettlingly sensual revolver. Ostensibly purchased to protect Shloyme from the pogroms sweeping the empire, the weapon instead opens a portal to his innermost demons, and through it he begins his methodical mission to eradicate any remnants of life and humanity in him and pave the way for his self-destruction. A Death takes the form of a diary that follows the Jewish calendar.Written in Yiddish in 1905 and published with immediate success in Warsaw in 1909, A Death utilizes the influences of Dostoyevsky and Schopenhauer to depict a distinctly Jewish experience of uprooted modernity, and presents a lesser-known strand of Jewish decadent literature. This translation of his inaugural novel is Schneour's first appearance in English since 1963. Its exploration of alienation, mental health, toxic masculinity and violence is remarkably contemporary.Born in Shklow, Zalman Shneour (1887–1959) was one of the major figures of Jewish modernity, and was the most popular Yiddish writer between the World Wars. He wrote poetry, prose and plays in both Yiddish and Hebrew. Like many of his generation, his life was spent moving from city to city in search of literary community or escaping political turmoil: from Odessa to Warsaw to Vilne, and on to such Western cities as Bern, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, New York (where he died) and Tel Aviv (where he is buried).
    ISBN 9781939663450. Wakefield Press.
    not yet published
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  • A Galileo Forgery

    A Galileo Forgery

    ISBN 9783110354645. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $115.00
  • ABCs of Bauhaus

    ABCs of Bauhaus

    ISBN 9781878271426. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $37.50
  • ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and design Theory

    ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and design Theory

    The Bauhaus, the legendary school in Dessau, Germany, transformed architecture and design around the world. This book broke new ground when first published in 1991 by introducing psychoanalysis, geometry, early childhood education, and popular culture into the standard political history of the Bauhaus. This new edition is published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Bauhaus, with a new preface by Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller.
    ISBN 9781616897987. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $62.50
  • About Sievs and Sieving

    About Sievs and Sieving

    ISBN 9783110606140. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $59.95
  • Abraham Lincoln Notecards

    Abraham Lincoln Notecards

    Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln worked as a blacksmith, surveyor, postmaster, lawyer, and legislator, securing a reputation for hard-earned wisdom and good judgement. Lincoln’s timeless words make great sentiments for any occasion: encouragement, thanks, and congratulations. The box and envelopes are printed with stunning imagery, evoking his humanistic and unifying spirit.
    ISBN 9781616898526. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $29.95
  • Abstract No 6 - What Remains: A Homage to the Enduring

    Abstract No 6 - What Remains: A Homage to the Enduring

    In times of dramatic change for the world's economy, climate, culture and art, ABSTRACT takes a revealing an entertaining look at what endures. The ABSTRACT series is produced by WIRE (Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise), a think tank affiliated with Collegium Helveticum of the Swiss Federal Technical University and the University of Zurich.
    ISBN 9783899554298. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $41.50
  • Abstrakt 7: Defence

    Abstrakt 7: Defence

    This publication explores through factual and fantastic texts as well as appealing and funny illustrations the phenomenon of defence. What defence strategies exist? How can we arm ourselves against the complex threats of the present and the future, both economic and social? These questions and more are answered by various experts.
    ISBN 9783899554311. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $37.50
  • Accomplice to Memory

    Accomplice to Memory

    In Accomplice to Memory, Q.M. Zhang pieces together the mystery of her father's exodus from China to the US during the two decades of civil and world war leading up to the 1949 revolution. Part memoir, novel and historical documentary, this hybrid text explores the silences and subterfuge of an immigrant parent, and the struggles of the second generation to understand the first. Q.M. Zhang is a Professor of Cultural Psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. But after a lifetime of her father's secrets and lies, Zhang's efforts to untangle the truth are thwarted by the distance between generations and her father's growing dementia. One day, late in his life, Zhang's father tells her a story she never heard before, and suddenly, all of his previous stories begin to unravel. Before she can get clarity on the new information, her father is hospitalised. Armed with history books and timelines, Zhang sits at her father's bedside recording accounts of love, espionage and betrayal, attempting to parse out the truth.
    ISBN 9781885030528. Kaya Press.
    • $42.50
  • Adolf Loos on Trial

    Adolf Loos on Trial

    In early September 1928, Viennese police arrested the famed architect Adolf Loos. The charge was child molestation. The arrest and subsequent trial not only set the forces of the right against those of the left, but also the city's avant-gardists against their conservative critics. This volume documents the controversy that engulfed Vienna's art and architecture world.Christopher Long is Distinguished Professor at University of Texas, Austin School of Architecture, and the author of The Looshaus (Yale, 2012) and The New Space (Yale, 2016).
    ISBN 9788074372261. Kant.
    • $47.50
  • Adventures of Percival

    Adventures of Percival

    In the first of a series of adult fairy tales, a gardener-mathematician decides to enact the proposition that a chimpanzee working long enough at a typewriter could produce the works of Shakespeare. Explorations of cognitive science, animal behaviour and landscape design inspire a story of bizarre behavioural mergings between man and animal.
    ISBN 9782914563475. Dis Voir.
    • $60.00
  • Adventures Of Telemachus, The

    Adventures Of Telemachus, The

    This is the first paperback edition in English of one of the most important and entertaining works of Surrealist fiction. Aragon's 1922 novel boldly appropriates the title and plot of a didactic seventeenth-century epic, recounting the adventures of Odysseus' son Telemachus; but the moralistic underpinnings of the original are replaced by a Surrealist's dedication to the strange, the beautiful and the erotic. Though a classic of Surrealism, this is not automatic writing; on the contrary, it is a wryly self-conscious book, full of the kinds of intertextual games associated with writers such as Borges and Calvino. As the Huberts comment in their Introduction, "Aragon did not have to liberate his mind through automatic exercises; but by mastering and playing with the narrative, he succeeded in freeing himself from the constraints of mimeticism, descend[ing] into the diabolical nirvana of Dada."
    ISBN 9781878972231. Exact Change.
    • $27.00
  • Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X

    Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X

    For the past 20 years, Lisa Radford has written alongside (and sometimes about) contemporary art and artists in Melbourne. This anthology was published to coincide with Radford's solo exhibition 'Dear Masato, all at once' at West Space in 2016, as part of the organisation's annual commission series. Brought together in this publication, Radford's criticism and ficto-criticism captures many local histories that speak to politics, friendship, popular culture and a myriad of other subjectivities.
    ISBN 9781922099204. Surpllus.
    • $30.00
  • Afterlife of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg, The

    Afterlife of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg, The

    ISBN 9783110438307. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $95.00
  • Ai Weiwei: Fairytale (DVD)

    Ai Weiwei: Fairytale (DVD)

    A documentary film by internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (born 1957), Fairytale chronicles the making of an installation-cum-performance of the same name. In 2007, Ai Weiwei invited 1001 Chinese citizens of varying ages and backgrounds to travel to Kassel, Germany, for one week each, all expenses paid. This 152-minute film describes the many challenges facing the artist and his volunteers in coordinating the work.
    ISBN 9783037641538. JRP|Ringier.
    • $68.50
  • Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy

    Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy

    ISBN 9780963726452. Art Issues Press.
    • $39.95
  • Alex Rizkalla: Praxis

    Alex Rizkalla: Praxis

    Alex Rizkalla: Praxis is a visual archive of Melbourne artist Alex Rizkalla's early paintings, object based installations, large scale projections, collaborations and artist run projects. It is a visual record of Rizkalla's works from 1989 to 2016 and is the culmination of a dialogue with him before his death in September 2016. Edited by Julie Davies.It contains three new essays; Justin Clemens has written on his last work in 'Language of Illness', Elvis Richardson on his collaborative practice with Julie Davies in 'Fruits of our Labour' and a reflection on the philosophical impetus of his work by Robert Schubert in 'Eulogy/Post Eulogy'. The book also includes 15 past catalogue essays and fragments from several of his exhibitions, including the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial in Japan. The book is designed by Yanni Florence and Julie Davies. Alex Rizkalla has contributed enormously to the development of contemporary art in Melbourne through his individual and collaborative practices. This book is a valuable chance to reflect on the role that he played within the cultural community.
    ISBN 9780646976013. Julie Davies.
    • $60.00
  • Alexandre Singh: Causeries

    Alexandre Singh: Causeries

    Its title derived from the French word causer, meaning to chat or talk informally, Alexandre Singh: Causeries details a series of encounters between artist Alexandre Singh (born 1980) and various academics, writers, scientists and philosophers. This volume contains an edited selection of 29 of the public conversations conducted by Singh as part of the Causeries series.In preparation for his ambitious play The Humans at Witte de With, Singh set up a public discussion series exploring the key themes and concerns of his developing play, such as dance, drama and religion (to name just a few). Aiming at an alternative form of public conversation, more relaxed than what is allowed at a symposium or conference, Singh engaged the invited speakers in deliberately informal conversations on such wide-ranging topics as Woody Allen, Hindu cosmogony, Aristophanes, South Park and scatology.
    ISBN 9789491435461. Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art.
    • $62.50
  • Alfred Flechtheim: Raubkunst und Restitution

    Alfred Flechtheim: Raubkunst und Restitution

    ISBN 9783110404845. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $57.50
  • Alice Under Ground NEW EXTENDED ED

    Alice Under Ground NEW EXTENDED ED

    Alice Under Ground is a travel journal with notes and sketches on the inhabitants of Wonderland. A bestiary compiled with the gaze of a Victorian naturalist, simultaneously passionate about insects, skeletons, ghosts and photography. It's a journey among underground inhabitants seen from a slightly macabre personal perspective, an outsider's viewpoint, where Alice too becomes an underground dweller, perfectly at home in that reverse world which is supposed to astonish her. Stefano Bessoni, Rome-based film-maker, teaches imaginative and visionary film direction at the Griffith Academy in Rome.
    ISBN 9788857607603. Logos Illustrati.
    • $37.50
  • Alphabet in Color: Nabokov/Holabird

    Alphabet in Color: Nabokov/Holabird

    ISBN 9781584231394. Gingko Press.
    • $37.50
  • Ambivalents, The

    Ambivalents, The

    Sally O'Reilly's The Ambivalents--like its companion volume, Jeff Dolven's Take Care--is a response to a 1986 catalog for Braintree Scientific, an American company that manufactures lab products used in experiments on rats and mice. O'Reilly's book comprises letters to the company in the guise of various characters, including an artist, a literary critic, a dissatisfied customer and schoolchildren.
    ISBN 9781932698800. Cabinet Books.
    • $22.50
  • America: Films from Elsewhere

    America: Films from Elsewhere

    The cities, landscapes and people of America have been the subject of many a film, but when seen through an outsider's perspective, new and often significant aspects of its culture are revealed. America: Films from Elsewhere examines film and America from the perspective of auteurs from around the world – from anyplace but America – covering the half-century from the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 to the election of Donald Trump in 2017. Masters of the medium such as Chantal Akerman, Jean-Luc Godard, Michelangelo Antonioni, Lars von Trier, Jacques Demy, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Chris Marker are discussed, alongside lesser-known greats such as Yolande de Luart and Babette Mangolte. The book also features specially commissioned portfolios by artists including Camille Henrot, Harun Farocki, Lucy Raven, the Ottolith Group and Ute Aurand.
    ISBN 9788190472081. The Shoestring Publisher.
    • $68.50
  • American West

    American West

    During the summer of 2018, Emiliano Ponzi spent twenty one days exploring California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. This publication is his travel journal of life drawings accompanied by a few lines of writing. The result is an incredible account of the western States and the legendary scenery that still takes our breath away in pop culture and literature: from Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur to John Steinbeck’s Monterey and David Hockney’s Los Angeles.These illustrations now come in a box set in the same square format, which also includes a booklet with texts by Mario Calabresi and Nicholas Blechman and 30 pages to use, mix and match and read together or individually, spread across a table or hanging from a wall.
    ISBN 9788875707453. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $68.50
  • Amme Talks, The

    Amme Talks, The

    The Amme Talks is a conversation between poet and machine. In 2003, poet Ulf Stolterfoht and a chatbot named Amme met in Berlin. For one week, Stolterfoht interrogated Amme about the nature of authorship and language, stumbling on a remarkable “second-order realism.”
    ISBN 9780997852448. Triple Canopy.
    • $22.50
  • An Associative Art History

    An Associative Art History

    An Associative Art History searches for the place of Czech, Slovak and Eastern European postwar art in global history. Resisting the mere repetition of Western canonization, the publication aims not to fruitlessly compare East and West, but rather to decipher the circumstances under which artworks are created, theorized and compared to each other. How do Knižak, Kolar, Koller and Kovanda relate to Situationism, Minimalism and Fluxus? What does Jindrich Chalupecký have to do with Clement Greenberg? Czech art historian and curator Tomas Pospiszyl recounts a history of contemporary Eastern European art by highlighting emblematic stories of the art scene's protagonists, mixing personal anecdotes with artistic agendas. This collection of nine essays, on topics spanning from 1939 to 2013, proposes a new reading of the visual arts during the Iron Curtain era and after.
    ISBN 9783037645178. JRP|Ringier.
    • $56.50
  • An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris

    An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris

    One overcast weekend in October 1974, Georges Perec set out in quest of the "infraordinary": the humdrum, the non-event, the everyday -- "what happens," as he put it, "when nothing happens." His choice of locale was Place Saint-Sulpice, where, ensconced behind first one cafe window, then another, he spent three days recording everything to pass through his field of vision: the people walking by; the buses and driving-school cars caught in their routes; the pigeons moving suddenly en masse; a wedding (and then a funeral) at the church in the center of the square; the signs, symbols and slogans littering everything; and the darkness that finally absorbs it all. In An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, Perec compiled a melancholic, slightly eerie and oddly touching document in which existence boils down to rhythm, writing turns into time and the line between the empirical and the surreal grows surprisingly thin.
    ISBN 9780984115525. Wakefield Press.
    • $24.95
  • Andra Ursuta: 2000 Words

    Andra Ursuta: 2000 Words

    Imbued with the collective memories of Romanian culture, Andra Ursuta's (born 1979) work uses her grim past to tackle our harsh present. This book includes an essay by Ali Subotnik on Ursuta's stark recreations of cultural turmoil.
    ISBN 9786185039271. DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art.
    • $43.50
  • Angelica


    ISBN 9782906571754. Dis Voir.
    • $55.00
  • Angkor Wat: From Jungle Find to Global Icon

    Angkor Wat: From Jungle Find to Global Icon

    ISBN 9783110335729. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $220.00
  • Anouck Durand: Eternal Friendship

    Anouck Durand: Eternal Friendship

    This exquisitely composed photo-novel by French artist-writer Anouck Durand (born 1975) – collaged from photographic archives, personal letters and propaganda magazines – tells a true story that begins in Albania during World War II, stops in China during the Cold War, and ends in Israel after Communism crumbles. When the Nazis invaded Albania, teenage partisan Refik Veseli's Muslim family hid Jewish photographer Mosha Mandil, his wife and two small children. Despite the dire circumstances, Mosha instilled in Refik a great passion for photography, and a friendship was forged in the crucible of war. After liberation, the Mandils left for Israel, inviting Refik to join them, but he stayed behind to contribute to his new nation, not knowing he'd never see his dear friend again. In a nuanced, wholly imagined story, Durand inhabits Refik's voice as he narrates his journey to China where -- free of Albanian state censors -- he attempts to mail a letter to Mosha. She also reveals how photography, used at the behest of merciless state powers, becomes a tool for liberation and human connection. Says Richard McGuire, author of Here: "A timely book about dictatorships, propaganda and friendship. Imagine Art Spiegelman meets Chris Marker, told in gorgeous tricolour photography, a knock out!"
    ISBN 9781938221149. Siglio.
    • $70.00
  • Antigone


    A sumptuously illustrated re-telling of Sophocles’ classic tragedy.
    ISBN 9788186211496. Tara Books.
    • $55.00
  • Antithesis 27 2017

    Antithesis 27 2017

    Antithesis is the oldest non-for-profit, graduate-run journal in Australia, showcasing progressive and insightful work from Melbourne and around the world since 1987. Antithesis publishes a range of work including scholarly peer-reviewed essays, short fiction poetry, and creative nonfiction, as well as artwork, photography, and graphic narratives.
    ISBN 103038392017. University of Melbourne.
    • $20.00
  • Antithesis 28 2018

    Antithesis 28 2018

    Antithesis is the oldest non-for-profit, graduate-run journal in Australia, showcasing progressive and insightful work from Melbourne and around the world since 1987. Antithesis publishes a range of work including scholarly peer-reviewed essays, short fiction poetry, and creative nonfiction, as well as artwork, photography, and graphic narratives.
    ISBN 9780646992426. University of Melbourne.
    • $15.95
  • Antonio Scaccabarozzi: I am a painter

    Antonio Scaccabarozzi: I am a painter

    Antonio Scaccabarozzi, artist and experimenter, always kept track of his work, documenting it, making sketches, notes, methodologies and ideas, reviewing the material after some time and from a different perspective. After years, thanks to the work of the Archivio Antonio Scaccabarozzi led by Anastasia Rouchota, we can look back on his artistic journey, taking up his ideas and starting from their initial settings. I Am a Painter describes Antonio Scaccabarozzi's journey through some of his most important works. With an essay by Flaminio Gualdoni.
    ISBN 9788875706142. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $60.00
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