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  • Vol. 1 Vol. 1

    Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai work at the forefront of contemporary electronic music and sound art. Their project cyclo is devoted to the visualisation of sound. The project's first publication is, a book and CD-ROM that offer a multimedia documentation of the material that Nicolai and Ikeda have collected and created since they began working together.
    ISBN 9783899553833. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $87.50
  • Finsta Graphics

    Finsta Graphics

    ISBN 9789185639168. Dokument Press.
    • $45.00
  • Grounds for Possible Music

    Grounds for Possible Music

    Gender, voice, language and identity are particularly pertinent topics for musical creation—for the shaping of a canon, and for interactions in the field. In Grounds for Possible Music, these four core notions serve as a set of lenses permitting different perspectives on one another. Some 20 sound artists, whose work varies in form, strategy and language, and in sub-fields within the sound arts, explore these questions.Featured artists: Antye Greie, Andrea Parkins, Aurélie Lierman, Bonnie Jones, Cathy Lane, Susanne Kirchmayr, Felicity Ford, Heimo Lattner, Jaume Ferrete Vázquez, Judith Laub and Marc Matter.
    ISBN 9780997874426. Errant Bodies Press.
    • $38.00
  • Jonas Mekas: To Petrarca

    Jonas Mekas: To Petrarca

    A book and CD set, consisting of a sound diary: an original sound piece culled from Jonas Mekas' personal archives. The diary is expanded in the accompanying book by his personal drawings, photos and correspondence. Mekas is a filmmaker, writer, and curator who has often been called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema".
    ISBN 9782914563444. Dis Voir.
    • $80.00
  • Laurie Anderson: Nothing in My Pockets

    Laurie Anderson: Nothing in My Pockets

    In this new and innovative experiment, Laurie Anderson unfolds her daily life as an artist and presents herself as more than a diarist: she becomes the electronic sound architect of her own existence. The sound diary is accompanied by unpublished visual documents that offer the opportunity for an intimate journey into the personal universe of the artist.
    ISBN 9782914563437. Dis Voir.
    • $90.00
  • Less than IQ84: Masaya Nakahara Picture Book (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Less than IQ84: Masaya Nakahara Picture Book (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Musician, writer and painter Masaya Nakahara is the man behind late-'80s band Violent Onsen Geisha and has collaborated with Mike Kelly and Paul McCarthy. The more than 100 paintings reproduced here are infused with a rock 'n' roll graphic aesthetic - they are way past cute. Includes a CD with two half-hour tracks of Nakahara's experimental noise-music.
    ISBN 9784845910540. BNN.
    • $65.00
  • Mouse On Mars

    Mouse On Mars

    Mouse on Mars is one of electronic music's most influential groups whose intelligent, modern pop sound is appreciated by fans worldwide. This is their remix of their work into a book. Contributors have created commentaries, paintings, drawings and collages inspired the band. Includes an audio CD.
    ISBN 9783899550351. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $65.00
  • syn chron

    syn chron

    This book documents artist and musician Carsten Nicolai's eponymous project - in analog form as a book and in digital form on an included DVD. The centerpiece of syn chron is a mobile space that simultaneously serves as a body for transmitting acoustics, a resonant room, and projection surface. This space, which was constructed by Werner Sobek, is a crystalline architectonic structure whose translucent, synthetic skin is a medium for sonic and optic impulses. Electronic music composed by Nicolai generates projections of modulated light that are triggered by lasers.
    ISBN 9783899554717. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $65.00
  • Tarek Atoui: The Reverse Sessions/The Reverse Collection

    Tarek Atoui: The Reverse Sessions/The Reverse Collection

    French sound artist and instrument builder Tarek Atoui (born 1980) creates sound-generating objects for improvisation. This volume documents works presented and performed at Tate Modern in 2016.
    ISBN 9788867492596. Mousse Publishing.
    • $50.00