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  • Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano

    Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano

    Called "the world's most original action auteur" by the Village Voice, Takeshi Kitano is already legendary in Japan, where he is known both for his inventive films and for his legendarily caustic alter ego, comedian Beat Takeshi. In the United States, his stylishly noir aesthetic has both influenced and been admired by such directors as Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino. His emotionally intense yet lyrical films have won him worldwide acclaim and honors, including the Grand Prix for Hanabi [Fireworks] at the Venice Film Festival. Now, the long-awaited Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano offers a collection of essays on the internationally acclaimed film director by Casio Abe. Despite his impact on contemporary cinema, very little critical work on Kitano's films exists in the United States. Abe's book, originally published in Japan, combines a detailed look at Kitano's filmography with an incisive critique of the consumerist culture which Kitano's films play against. It is also purportedly Kitano's favorite book on his own work. This translation of Abe's writings on Kitano has been updated with articles that discuss Kitano's most recent releases, up to and including Dolls (2002), as well as extensive appendices and footnotes. Abe is one of Japan's preeminent cultural critics, and his book gives a rare and insightful look into the workings of one of the largest media cultures in the world. This will be the first book devoted exclusively to Kitano's work to be published in the United States. Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano is the first volume in Kaya's Wicked Radiance series, which examines the work of a new wave of Asian filmmakers who are reshaping contemporary cinema.
    ISBN 9781885030405. Kaya Press.
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  • Gus Van Sant: Icons

    Gus Van Sant: Icons

    From Drugstore Cowboy to Sea of Trees, Van Sant is both indie auteur and Hollywood subversive. Gus Van Sant: Icons offers insight into the world of filmmaker Gus Van Sant, published on the occasion of a major exhibition at the Cinémathèque française in Paris. This comprehensive monograph surveys the full range of Van Sant’s artistry from photography and painting to music, filtered through the perspective of his films. The exhibition and catalogue are a thoroughly original take on a distinctive filmmaker, bringing together all facets of his work for the first time and offering a fresh vision of his iconic filmmaking.The heart of Gus Van Sant: Icons is a previously unpublished interview with Van Sant conducted in Portland in June 2015 by Matthieu Orleans, the exhibition's curator. In a wide-ranging conversation, the two men discuss the whole scope of Van Sant's work and inspirations. Van Sant connects himself to a lineage of other artists, citing William Burroughs, William Eggleston, Harmony Korine and Ed Ruscha as influences. The filmmaker offers firsthand anecdotes and in-depth appraisals of the production processes of each of his movies, from the experimental shorts of the 1970s to his most recent film, Sea of Trees, presented at the Cannes Festival in May 2015. American filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Gus Van Sant (born 1952) has been lauded for his experimental, independent projects and mainstream productions alike -- from the acclaimed Drugstore Cowboy (1989) and My Own Private Idaho (1991) to Oscar-winning films such as Good Will Hunting (1997) and Milk (2008).
    ISBN 9782330060763. Actes Sud/Cinematheque Francaise.
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  • Lost and Found: Dance, New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now

    Lost and Found: Dance, New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now

    Since 2010, Danspace Project, housed at St. Mark's Church in New York, has published catalogs as part of its series of artist-curated Platforms. Initiated by Danspace Project Executive Director and Chief Curator Judy Hussie-Taylor, the Platforms contextualize contemporary dance and performance practices and histories. The 11th edition, Lost and Found, is edited by Jaime Shearn Coan, Ishmael Houston-Jones and Will Rawls. Contributors include Penny Arcade, Marc Arthur, C. Carr, Douglas Crimp, Travis Chamberlain, DarkMatter, Nan Goldin, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Neil Greenberg, Bill T. Jones, Deborah Jowitt, John Kelly, Theodore Kerr, Tseng Kwong Chi, Kia Labeija, Eileen Myles, Pamela Sneed, Sally Sommer, Sarah Schulman and Muna Tseng.
    ISBN 9780970031372. Danspace Project.
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  • Mary McCartney: Twelfth Night

    Mary McCartney: Twelfth Night

    When Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance agreed to be photographed by English photographer and vegetarian food writer Mary McCartney (born 1969) as he applied his make-up prior to his performance as Olivia, the understanding was that McCartney would leave after he was made up -- Rylance is never photographed after that moment. McCartney duly began to pack up her equipment, but to her surprise Rylance leaned over and asked whether she would like to remain to photograph him and the rest of the cast (including Stephen Fry in the role of Malvolio) backstage.Twelfth Night documents this intimate and privileged experience, capturing the entire performative arc undertaken by each of the actors and musicians involved; from both the intense psychological preparation to the candid moments of relaxation that accompany the intensity of the stage wings. McCartney's work creates a fascinating juxtaposition of these intricately costumed figures in various stages of period dress against the backstage spaces of the theatre.
    ISBN 9780993316111. HENI Publishing.
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  • On Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures

    On Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures

    Reviled, rioted over and banned as pornographic even as it was recognized by many as an unprecedented visionary masterpiece, Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures is one of the most important and influential underground movies ever released in America. J. Hoberman's monograph details the creative making--and legal unmaking--of this extraordinary film, a source of inspiration for artists as disparate as Andy Warhol, Federico Fellini and John Waters. Described by its maker as "a comedy set in a haunted music studio," the story of Flaming Creatures is here augmented with a dossier of personal recollections, relevant documents and remarkable, previously unpublished on-set photographs by Norman Solomon. Expanding on notes originally prepared for the 1997 retrospective on Jack Smith at the American Museum of the Moving Image, the monograph includes further material on his unfinished features Normal Love and No President, as well as shorter film fragments.
    ISBN 9781887123525. Hips Road/Tzadik.
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  • Richard Maxwell and New York City Players: An Audience's Guide

    Richard Maxwell and New York City Players: An Audience's Guide

    This is the first publication on the plays of New York-based experimental theater director and playwright Richard Maxwell (born 1967) and his company New York City Players. His plays have been commissioned by The Wexner Center, Columbus; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Performance Space 122, The Kitchen and Soho Rep in New York; and The Barbican Centre, London. The book captures the experience of actually watching the plays by way of screen-grabs and captions, and in doing so documents nearly 20 years of work."The writer and director Richard Maxwell is a stylist of the first order ... When I read or think about a Maxwell text, I don't so much recall any other writer. Rather, I think about visual artists and colors...." -- Hilton Als, The New Yorker
    ISBN 9780997964707. Westreich Wagner / Greene Naftali.
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  • Spacescapes Dance & Drawing

    Spacescapes Dance & Drawing

    Throughout the 20th century, the performing and visual arts have often converged. As artists investigated the embodied value of form, dancers and choreographers experimented with interfaces between annotation and improvisation. These encounters are the focus of this collection, which discusses the interaction of the two mediums since the first public performance of the Judson Dance Theater in 1962. Contributors include Cindy Van Acker, Gabriele Brandstetter, Sarah Burkhalter, Pauline Chevalier, Mark Franko, Katrin Gattinger, Julie Enckell Julliard, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Magali Le Mens, Laetitia Legros, Anna Lovatt, Nolwenn Megard, Robert Morris, OpenEndedGroup, Nadia Perucic, Catherine Queloz, Yvonne Rainer, Robin Rhode, Susan Rosenberg, Laurence Schmidlin, Katia Schneller, Alexander Schwan, Alan Storey and Catherine Wood.
    ISBN 9783037644690. JRP|Ringier.
    • $62.50