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  • 'scape 1/11

    'scape 1/11

    Current issue of this international magazine of landscape architecture, city planning and urban design.
    ISBN 9783034607186. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $33.00
  • 'scape 1/2012

    'scape 1/2012

    An international magazine for landscape architecture, city planning, and urban design. Lively, with international voices and a critical eye, it presents selected news items, in-depth feature articles, concise essays, solidly based and informative project critiques, portraits of outstanding personalities, and reviews of new literature. It puts planners under the microscope, probes deeply into topics of current interest, and discusses controversial topics -- since the professional world needs a forum for spirited debate.
    ISBN 9783034607810. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $53.50
  • 'scape 10

    'scape 10

    With news, in-depth feature articles, concise essays, solidly based and informative project critiques, portraits of outstanding personalities, and reviews of new literature in the field of landscape design and urbanism.
    ISBN 9783034606172. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $33.00
  • 'scape 8 vol 2 2009

    'scape 8 vol 2 2009

    ISBN 9783034601337. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $37.50


    ISBN 9783035611007. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $89.50
  • 3+2: Durbach Block Jaggers

    3+2: Durbach Block Jaggers

    3+2 is a 'double album': two books in one sleeve beautifully printed by master offset printers in Japan. It features two bodies of photography looking at the work of one of Australia's most respected and awarded architectural practices -- Durbach Block Jaggers. Photographers Andrew Cowan and Julia Charles worked with the architects, alongside the award winning-designer Mark Gowing and editor Andrew Mackenzie, to refine a portrait of images over a period of several years.The two photographers, Andrew Cowan and Julia Charles, are neither known for, nor particularly interested in, the conventions of architectural photography. This makes their photographic voice, and this book, distinct from the architectural mainstream.
    ISBN 9780994269751. Uro Publications.
    • $180.00
  • 40 Years of World Heritage Convention

    40 Years of World Heritage Convention

    ISBN 9783110427769. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $95.00
  • 5 + 2 Landscapes Lutzow 7

    5 + 2 Landscapes Lutzow 7

    This book presents the landscape architecture of Lutzow 7, who owe their long-standing reputation to the civic open spaces that they have designed for the German Chancellery, the Reichstag building and the Jewish Museum in Berlin. They have produced about one thousand projects over the years - seven of which (or more exactly 5 built and 2 under construction) from Germany, Belgium, Italy and Ireland - form the main parts in this landscape-architectural monograph. Other sections strive to grasp the essence of Lutzow 7's approach to landscape design in a panoramic portfolio and also in a directory to important design tasks and typical solutions in the realm between wilderness and detail. Tom Sieverts, the creator of the "in-between city" paradigm, and Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Canadian pioneer of the return to nature-oriented design and well acquainted with the partners Cornelia Muller and Jan Wehberg's work, contribute their personal views.
    ISBN 9783038215615. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $110.00
  • About Landscape

    About Landscape

    ISBN 9783764369774. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $82.50
  • Above the Pavement, The Farm!

    Above the Pavement, The Farm!

    Reveals the groundbreaking efforts of architecture firm WORKac and more than 150 collaborators - farmers, politicians, horticulturists, soil scientists, engineers, artists - to create a working urban farm using industrial cardboard tubes filled with more than 50 varieties of locally grown fruits and vegetables.
    ISBN 9781568989358. Princeton Architectural Press.
    out of print
    • $39.50
  • Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants

    Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants

    Aesthetica Botanica visits the homes of artists, florists, gardeners and other plant enthusiasts who exemplify green living and are happy to share their stories and tips on caring for and decorating with plants. With handy chapters on green plants, cacti and succulents, and flowers, this book caters to any inclination providing practical information alongside stunning photographs.
    ISBN 9781584236863. Gingko Press.
    • $79.50
  • Alec Finlay: Gathering

    Alec Finlay: Gathering

    Gathering is an innovative mapping of the Highland landscape in poems, essays, photographs and maps by Scottish artist and poet Alec Finlay (born 1966). Created for The Fife Arms hotel located in the heart of the Cairngorms, it guides the reader to modest, forgotten places in this complex region.
    ISBN 9783952446188. Hauser & Wirth Publishers.
    • $95.00
  • Alive: Advancements in Adaptive Architecture

    Alive: Advancements in Adaptive Architecture

    ISBN 9783990436677. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $91.50
  • Alpine Retreats: Unique Hotel Architecture

    Alpine Retreats: Unique Hotel Architecture

    Authors Hannes Bauerte and Claudia Miller spend most of their free time in the mountains. Always searching for new and special places, ranging from stop-offs, to final destinations for a peaceful stay, they have now compiled a wide variety of different kinds of accommodation. Background information on construction and tips on travelling in the Alps, general maps, and a list of addresses make this book an outstanding travel guide for readers interested in architecture and the Alps.
    ISBN 9783955531812. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $105.00
  • Amden Atelier, The

    Amden Atelier, The

    The mountain community of Amden am Walensee (Switzerland) was a place of social and artistic experiments as early as the beginning of the 20th century. In the last 15 years, many artists have been invited to exhibit in the Amden Atelier, a small farm, or to use the facilities for the production of a work of art. This publication includes all exhibitions and installations staged since 1999 and describes and discusses the individual art projects. The work is complemented by essays on the landscape, the place and its change of use to an exhibition space, on the curating concept and its development in recent years.
    ISBN 9783110440423. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $78.50
  • Andrea Cochran Landscapes

    Andrea Cochran Landscapes

    Eleven residential, commercial and institutional projects from the 25 year career of San Francisco based landscape architect Andrea Cochran. Her work is distinguished by its careful consideration of site, climate and existing architecture, and draws on an encyclopedic knowledge of plant species. A combination of harmony, wonder and surprise characterises her work.
    ISBN 9781568988122. Princeton Architectural Press.
    out of print
    • $95.00
  • Angkor Wat: From Jungle Find to Global Icon

    Angkor Wat: From Jungle Find to Global Icon

    ISBN 9783110335729. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $220.00
  • Appreciation of Classical Chinese Gardens

    Appreciation of Classical Chinese Gardens

    With in-depth coverage, China Forestry Publishing House conquers the amazing history of the landscapes and gardens of China in two volumes (Vol 1 North, Vol 2 South). Nearly all ancient landscape architecture, including imperial gardens, temples, shrines, pavilions, pagodas, tombs, private gardens and historic seats of government from throughout China are revealed through photographs, drawings and descriptive texts.
    ISBN 9781584235361. Gingko Press.
    • $299.95
  • Architecture as City

    Architecture as City

    Documents the Architecture Research Unit at London Metropolitan University's proposal for a land reclamation project in Korea to create Saemangeum Island City over an area of 400 square kilometres. The proposal includes a phased landscape infrastructure design of 8 new islands with innovative solutions to a number of environmental problems.
    ISBN 9783990433874. Ambra Verlag.
    • $108.00
  • Architecture, Landscape and City

    Architecture, Landscape and City

    ISBN 9783034607452. Birkhauser Verlag.
    out of print
    • $150.00
  • Architecture. Landscape

    Architecture. Landscape

    ISBN 9783990436332. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $89.50
  • Ardent Nature: Arshile Gorky Landscapes, 1943-47

    Ardent Nature: Arshile Gorky Landscapes, 1943-47

    This title is the first book to explore nature's central role in establishing the singular voice of this truly pioneering figure in abstract expressionism. In the early 1940s, Arshile Gorky turned to nature as a primary subject matter, inspired by his summers spent in Connecticut and rural Virginia. Featuring over 50 landscapes from this period, including paintings and works on paper, the book opens with a personal foreword from the artist's granddaughter.The book continues with an essay from Edith Devaney, curator of the celebrated 2016 Abstract Expressionism show at the Royal Academy of Art in London, which traces the development of the Armenian-American artist's passion and instinct for art along the arc of his career, highlighting key links to Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.
    ISBN 9783906915074. Hauser & Wirth Publishers.
    • $100.00
  • Around The World: The Atlas for Today REPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

    Around The World: The Atlas for Today REPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

    Looking through an atlas has always been a fascinating way to explore the world. Around the World is a contemporary evolution of an atlas tailored to our information age. Alongside classic facts about nature, history, population, culture, and politics, Around the World's compelling information graphics thoroughly explain complex processes that impact our lives such as global trade and changing demographics.The book gives added insight into our modern world through its visual exploration of subjects such as eating habits, overfishing, and internet providers, as well as events that have left indelible marks on our collective conscience including September 11, the Olympic Games, Japan's Fukushima disaster, and the sinking of the Titanic.
    ISBN 9783899554977. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $95.00
  • Art Parks: Guide to America's Sculpture Parks

    Art Parks: Guide to America's Sculpture Parks

    Art Parks is the first comprehensive guide to North America's most important outdoor sculpture parks. Each of the fifty-seven locations, from large-scale parks in the countryside to small urban gardens and corporate sculpture collections, is described in detail and beautifully photographed. This handy guide features works by Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, Olafur Eliasson, Alberto Giacometti, Andy Goldsworthy, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, among others.
    ISBN 9781616891299. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $69.50
  • Art Place Japan

    Art Place Japan

    This book offers an exhaustive full-colour catalog of the eight hundred artworks created during the past fifteen years for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, one of the most ambitious and largest-scale art installations in the world. For those lucky enough to visit, this book, the first in English on the subject, also offers detailed information on how to visit the often-remote sites, with travel information and a newly commissioned map that locates the projects throughout the Niigata Prefecture.
    ISBN 9781616894245. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $67.50
  • Atelier Descombes Rampini 2000-2015: Common Grounds

    Atelier Descombes Rampini 2000-2015: Common Grounds

    ISBN 9783035606133. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $115.00
  • Bamboo


    Bamboo in its many varieties can be used as a design material for landscapes, squares and gardens as well as in architecture, furniture design. This in-depth study of bamboo includes an extensive technical section, explores its use and significance in urban and natural settings and includes texts by expert authors.
    ISBN 9783764374815. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $115.00
  • Bamboo Fences

    Bamboo Fences

    A detailed look at the complex art of bamboo fence design in Japan, presenting these unique structures in over 250 photographs and line drawings. From the widely used "four-eyed fence" and the fine "raincoat fence" to the expensive "spicebush fence", these exquisite designs impress with their simple beauty.
    ISBN 9781568988344. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $79.50
  • Basics Designing With Plants

    Basics Designing With Plants

    Unlike concrete or masonry, plants are a living building material that change in the course of the seasons and the years. Their growth and varying appearance are factors that must be considered when designing and planning. This book discusses basics of using plants, plant typologies, function and impact, site-specificity, design principles and planting plans.
    ISBN 9783764386597. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $27.50
  • Basics Designing With Water

    Basics Designing With Water

    Water is a special design element in open space planning but it is not enough merely to insert water at the appropriate spots in architectural drawings. As early as the design stage the planner must begin to think about where the water is going to come from, where it is going to drain, and how it is going to be cleaned.
    ISBN 9783764386627. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $30.00
  • Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes

    Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes

    Coping with post-industrial brownfields is an issue throughout Europe and North America. In Germany, industrial relics were not demolished or converted but perceived as integral parts of the overall concept and then imbued with new meaning and use. Many post-industrial sites have since been refurbished into attractive urban parks. This book does not only describe a systematic framework for the use of post-industrial ruins it also contextualises them in design history.
    ISBN 9783035603460. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $139.50
  • Bernard Trainor: Ground Studio Landscapes

    Bernard Trainor: Ground Studio Landscapes

    Bernard Trainor's newest book celebrates the wild and elemental landscapes of California, from the craggy coasts of Big Sur to the fertile hills of Sonoma wine country. His award-winning work combines an awareness of regional context with materials, collaboration, and deep connection to the land. Beautifully photographed and documented with full colour plans, the projects in this survey of his recent work include a range of scale, from compact urban gardens to expansive rural sites. Trainor's regional, sustainable approach inspires wonder and respect for nature as it aims to preserve and restore it.
    ISBN 9781616897826. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $105.00
  • Best of Detail: Landscape

    Best of Detail: Landscape

    Sometimes it is possible to truly merge nature and architecture. Best of Detail: Landscape presents highlights of the past few years from DETAIL: buildings that disappear into their surroundings, lush meadows revealed as roof scapes only after closer inspection, paths and walkways through jungle-like gardens. Architecture and cities can no longer be counterpoints to nature and the landscape. Rather they should strive to create stunning symbioses.
    ISBN 9783955533502. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $105.00
  • Biomilano


    Milan, like many cities, can either continue to expand, eating up valuable food-producing land and the natural environment, or it can become a biodiverse metropolis, making a new agreement with agriculture and the natural world. Boeri proposes 6 projects to achieve this, including creating reforestation zones around the city and reclaiming disused industrial land for agriculture and parks.
    ISBN 9788875702885. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $7.50
  • Biomilano: glossary of ideas for a metropolis based around biodiversity

    Biomilano: glossary of ideas for a metropolis based around biodiversity

    Using the metropolis of Milan as its subject matter and example, this publication presents six biodiverse and sustainable projects with extensive glossaries detailing the economic and territorial needs required, and asks the people of Milan, and the people of the world, if they want their city to keep on growing and consuming the land surrounding or to become a beacon of biodiversity for the world.
    ISBN 9788875703028. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $59.50
  • Bonsai NEW EDITION

    Bonsai NEW EDITION

    Bonsai is a collection of exquisite photographs of bonsai trees. Arranged by month, this new edition features many seasonal examples of these exquisite miniature trees throughout the year, now in a more compact format. Bonsai is the art of growing miniature potted trees. It is a true art form that requires special techniques of pruning, wiring, fertilising and watering. In addition to enjoying the visual aesthetic of bonsai trees, people also appreciate the effort put into their creation and cultivation. In Japan, these graceful creations are often displayed in living rooms as symbols of the beauty of nature. During the Edo period, bonsai became a popular hobby enjoyed by nobles and common people alike, and it is still a popular pastime for enthusiasts all over the world. Over the years, bonsai has come to be considered more of an art form than a simple hobby because of the appreciation and patronage of bonsai by people of noble birth, including the Japanese Imperial Family.
    ISBN 9784756248299. Pie Books.
    • $55.00
  • Border Ecologies: Hong Kong's Mainland Frontier

    Border Ecologies: Hong Kong's Mainland Frontier

    Hong Kong's border with Shenzhen is dissolving. By 2047, the border will likely not exist. Integration with the Mainland will remove distinctions created by the "One Country Two Systems" policy. The book explores this unique border ecology. Design strategies inserted within this ecology promote alternate forms of development. The example widens the discourse on borders to raise critical issues that impact the contemporary city.
    ISBN 9783035606010. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $89.50
  • Breathe: Investigations into Our Environmentally Entangled Future

    Breathe: Investigations into Our Environmentally Entangled Future

    ISBN 9783035612103. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $89.50
  • Bulbous Plants (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Bulbous Plants (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Choosing "bulbous plants" as decoration combines great style with a plant type that is easier to grow and maintain than other indoor decorative plants. This title demonstrates methods and techniques for growing your own bulbous plants and a wide range of arrangement and display ideas to inspire your own collection of indoor plants.
    ISBN 9784756249685. Pie Books.
    • $39.50
  • Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary

    Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary

    Mapping has been one of the most fertile areas of exploration for architecture and landscape in the past few decades. While documenting this shift in representation from the material and physical description toward the depiction of the unseen and often immaterial, Cartographic Grounds takes a critical view toward the current use of data mapping and visualization and calls for a return to traditional cartographic techniques to reimagine the manifestation and manipulation of the ground itself. Each of the ten chapters focuses on a single cartographic technique-sounding/spot elevation, isobath/contour, hachure/hatch, shaded relief, land classification, figure-ground, stratigraphic column, cross-section, line symbol, conventional sign-and illustrates it through beautiful maps and plans from notable designers and cartographers throughout history, from Leonardo da Vinci to James Corner Field Operations. Mohsen Mostafavi, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, introduces the book.
    ISBN 9781616893293. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $95.00
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