Forthcoming Hyphen Press book to be their last

Aug 26, 2017

Hyphen Press's forthcoming title Richard Hollis designs for the Whitechapel, to be published in September, will be the last book from the London-based publisher.

The book, a survey of the work of British graphic designer Richard Hollis, presents the posters, catalogues, leaflets, and other printed materials that Hollis designed for London’s Whitechapel Art Gallery in the years 1969-73 and 1978-85. It is one of the select titles published by Hyphen Press over the years, many of them focusing on esteemed figures in typographic circles, such as Anthony Froshaug, Paul Renner, and Karel Martens.

richard%20hollis%20designs%20for%20the%2Richard Hollis: Designs for the Whitechapel

Hyphen Press is the publishing imprint of typographer, editor and writer, Robin Kinross. Kinross started Hyphen Press, in 1980, when he re-issued Norman Potter's book What is a designer. But it was the publication of Modern Typography in 1992 that truly marked the beginning of the publisher's eventual output on the subject of typography, and graphic design more widely. Some notable titles include Jost Hochuli’s Designing books, Karel Martens: Printed matter / Drukwerk, Isotype: design and contexts 1923-1971, and Anthony Froshaug: Typography & texts / Documents of a life.

Kinross’s interest in typography has been a life-long one. After studying typography at the University of Reading, he became a writer and contributed articles to Eye Magazine, Blueprint, Information Design Journal, and Journal of History Design. Kinross’s depth of knowledge is evident in the books he publishes, which are distinguished for their high level of scholarly inquiry and exacting production standards to do with presentation, typesetting, and page design.

Books at Manic is incredibly proud to have distributed Hyphen Press in Australia for over 20 years. We wish Robin Kinross, and the rest of Hyphen Press, the best of luck going forward. We are certain their books will continue to inspire discussions on typography for many years to come.