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  • #WowTorino


    Get to know Turin by discovering the best attractions and hidden corners in its main neighbourhoods, visiting museums and galleries, eating local and innovative food in trendsetting spots, procuring items in quirky shops and sipping aperitifs in popular bars. A guide aimed at those visiting Turin for a weekend, a short trip or even longer. The hidden sides of this unconventional, young, elegant and welcoming city are revealed in #WowTorino.
    ISBN 9788875705497. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $17.50
  • 100 Writing and Crafting Papers: Breads and Pastries

    100 Writing and Crafting Papers: Breads and Pastries

    Breads and pastries are booming in Japan while becoming a design icon. Some breads were originally introduced from overseas, while others have been uniquely developed in Japan, such as 'curry-pan' (a roll filled with curry) and 'an-pan' (a roll filled with sweet bean paste). This title has 100 removable papers with illustrations and photographs of popular (and delicious!) breads and pastries. Some pages are a little quirky, but they will surely make any reader smile and feed the imagination.
    ISBN 9784756247414. Pie Books.
    • $36.00
  • 101 Baja California

    101 Baja California

    101 places, monuments, beaches, foods and experiences in Baja California. Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, San Quintin, Guerrero Negro, Laguna de San Ignacio, Loreto, La Paz, Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas: this land is a veritable gold mine of revelations. Baja California is uncompromising. It is a 1,220-kilometer-long peninsula of desert and cactus, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, beaten by strong winds, eroded by gigantic waves, and made incandescent by hot summers.Alongside the most typical postcard-like images of the art and natural wonders, you will find the folklore and handicrafts, the culinary delicacies and the cocktails, the small unknown jewels which enrich the panorama made of people and stories, rocks and sea, mythology and tradition.
    ISBN 9788899180515. SIME Books.
    • $45.00
  • Alpine Flavours: Authentic Recipes from the Dolomites, the Heart of the Alps

    Alpine Flavours: Authentic Recipes from the Dolomites, the Heart of the Alps

    Traditional Alpine dishes that come straight from rural recipes are still served and savoured today. Alpine flavours comprises 80 traditional recipes that anyone can cook for themselves. Vivid photographs, snapshots of the Alps and the local fold, add to the appeal of the volume, sharing images of customs and traditions, landscapes, and regional products, the peaks and valleys of the Alps.
    ISBN 9788895218465. SIME Books.
    • $59.95
  • Appetite for Melbourne, An

    Appetite for Melbourne, An

    This energetic city in Australia offers the visitor and resident food and drink of unmatchable quality and variety. In its cobbled laneways and its shining business district, restaurants, cafés and bars have mushroomed, the best of which are documented within. But it doesn’t stop there, our guide comprises 40 points of interest, including galleries, markets, shops and parks. Stimulation for all the senses, in fact.
    ISBN 9781910023426. Herb Lester Associates.
    • $12.50
  • Appetizer: New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafes

    Appetizer: New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafes

    New interiors for restaurants and cafes. Appetizer visits fashionable bars, tasteful eateries, cosy cafes, and everything in between. Interior designers and architects are creating unforgettable spaces and setting stunning new standards for restaurants, bars, cafes.Pastel colours, hyper-realistic murals, indoor jungles, curved and luxurious couches, golden accents, and soft light. Designers, architects and restaurateurs transform a night out at a restaurant into a unique and memorable experience. An array of interiors creatively correspond with each particular menu's offerings: flower shops that serve coffee amongst the blooms; art galleries that mix the best cocktails in town; shoe boutiques that double as dessert bars.
    ISBN 9783899559309. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • Architect, The Cook and Good Taste, The SPECIAL PRICE

    Architect, The Cook and Good Taste, The SPECIAL PRICE

    ISBN 9783764376215. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $43.50
  • Art of Campari, the

    Art of Campari, the

    Drawn from the company's extensive archives in Milan, The Art of Campari surveys the brand's quintessentially modern visual identity in posters, original artwork and vintage crates, glasses, plaques and other ephemera, from the Belle Epoque to the postwar period. Aiming to create a sophisticated brand profile, Campari worked with some of the most celebrated designers of the early 1900s, including Leonetto Campiello, Marcello Dudovich, Adolf Hohenstein and Marcello Nizzoli. However, it was the groundbreaking campaigns created by Futurist artist Fortunato Depero that became Campari's most celebrated commissions. From the mid-1920s, Depero's bold, witty and geometric designs modernised Campari's look.
    ISBN 9788836640263. Silvana Editoriale.
    • $68.50
  • Art of Writing Your Name, The

    Art of Writing Your Name, The

    Stylish lettering has always been vital in graffiti and street art. Over the past 25 years artists have pushed the practice into a powerful stylised calligraphy. The Art of Writing Your name follows the arc of this movement from early practitioners like Chaz Bojorquez to more recent adopters such as Usugrow, profiling 35 of the world's hottest urban calligraphers along the way.
    ISBN 9783939566502. Gingko Press.
    • $79.99
  • Asian Flavours: Creating Architecture for Culinary Culture

    Asian Flavours: Creating Architecture for Culinary Culture

    This book presents the projects of Asian and European architects on both continents, ranging from tea houses and sake bars through to entire restaurants. How are architects adapting and interpreting this cuisine? How do they respond to the conditions and cultures in these spaces without simply simulating an Asian decor? Enhanced with selected recipes from individual restaurants and essays on various Asian cuisines and culinary cultures, the book is also effectively a travel guide.
    ISBN 9783955532673. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $87.50
  • Autostadt: Gluck

    Autostadt: Gluck

    In 2014, the activities of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg revolved around the theme of "Gluck", or happiness. This yearbook has pictures from the Movimentos festival, the ZeitHaus, the lagoon and landscaped park, the summer garden special, the educational offerings for children and adults, the "Gut essen" fine food event, the classical music events in the fall, and the winter fair. The chronicle is accompanied by four cast aluminium plates inscribed with words of happiness. Slipcase is lined with fine metallic linen.
    ISBN 9783954760923. Distanz Verlag.
    • $115.00
  • Baja California: Not Food for Old Men

    Baja California: Not Food for Old Men

    Baja California is a 1220-kilometer-long peninsula of desert and cactus, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, beaten by strong winds, eroded by gigantic waves, and made incandescent by hot summers. Not Food for Old Men is a gastronomic and photographic exploration of the region. Lobster, marlin, octopus, chillies, and ribs are the cornerstones of a kitchen at the "end of the world", often overlooked and for this reason even more authentic.
    ISBN 9788895218977. SIME Books.
    • $52.50
  • Balsamico: A Drop of Magic in Your Kitchen

    Balsamico: A Drop of Magic in Your Kitchen

    Balsamico is not just a recipe book, but the story of Gloria Midolini's love for a condiment that has been a part of the history of Italian cuisine for many centuries. Original combinations enhance the very essence of the balsamic vinegar and are used in simple recipes that anyone can do. The author's love for balsamic vinegar has been handed down from her family, who fifty years ago began on an adventure that today has been transformed into the biggest vinegar cellar in the world, in the heart of the fascinating region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Balsamico uses this 'magical' ingredient as a part of everyday dishes and shares this noble and traditional condiment, dating back to Roman times, with anyone who loves cooking.
    ISBN 9788899180188. SIME Books.
    • $56.95
  • Barista's Bible, The

    Barista's Bible, The

    This is it -- the ultimate guide to creating the world's greatest coffee drinks like a true professional. Beginning with a brief history of the coffee bean, this indispensable tome elucidates the four fundamentals for making a perfect espresso drink: the blend, the grind, the machine and the skills of the barista. The first half of the book covers traditional coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos in addition to lesser-known alcoholic drinks such as the cafe agave or Galliano hotshot, and includes a sectionproviding instructions for creating beautiful crema patterns. The second half contains recipes for sweet accompaniments including cookies, cupcakes, cakes and pies. Lovingly told and beautifully designed with stunning photography throughout, The Barista's Bible is a must for every kitchen library or aspiring cafe.
    ISBN 9781584236238. Gingko Press.
    • $39.99
  • Barley and Hops: the craft beer book

    Barley and Hops: the craft beer book

    Barley & Hops gives beer connoisseurs a behind-the-kettles look at their favourite beverage - from its historical origins and regional distinctions to current developments. The book includes portraits of those who are united in their passion for craft beer, the brewing process, and creating something unique. Here, they share their personal stories of how they came to brew beer and, in the process, give insight into how beer is advancing our drinking culture today.The beers featured in Barley & Hops are not just meant to be drunk in a bar. Rather, the book introduces a range of brews with individual facets that lend themselves to different occasions - for example, a beer that makes a good aperitif, another that is recommended to be served with fish, and yet another for dessert. It also includes a glossary with key beer-related terminology and recipes.
    ISBN 9783899555332. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $85.00
  • Best Kawaii Package Designs (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Best Kawaii Package Designs (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    In Japan, Kawaii package design is the key to success and it’s becoming more and more important that companies take Kawaii seriously when developing package designs. This book presents successful kawaii package designs. Selected by keeco, the site webmaster of, a website showcasing only Kawaii things, this book is divided into chapters such as 'Confectionery', 'Food, Beverage', 'Cosmetics' and 'Knick-knacks'.
    ISBN 9784756251947. Pie Books.
    • $60.00
  • Bon Appetit: Complete Branding for Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries

    Bon Appetit: Complete Branding for Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries

    International and diverse in scope, Bon Appetit showcases restaurants and eateries that have gone the extra mile, providing cohesive brand identities that make use of every possible advantage to strengthen their appeal. From printed material such as menus, business cards and to-go packaging, to uniforms, interiors and signage, the combined impact of a successful identity is only limited by vision. Dark and elegant industrial fantasies compete with bright, colourful pop suites and stark modern masterpieces to capture consumer loyalty in this comprehensive volume.
    ISBN 9789881470348. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $95.00
  • Book-marks


    An extraordinary collection of bookmarks in a book which tells their story.
    ISBN 9788886250276. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $57.50
  • Bread Baker's Notebook

    Bread Baker's Notebook

    Baking bread provides us with comfort, stress relief, pleasure, and sustenance, but it's also complicated! Keeping consistent track of the details like yeast percentage and rising time can be a pain – until now. This is the first journal designed specifically for recording and refining your bread baking journey. Geared toward beginners, but sophisticated enough for the experienced baker, this journal is for sourdough enthusiasts, kneaders and no-kneaders, and anyone committed to yeast.
    ISBN 9781648960055. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $37.95
  • Bread Wine and Thou: Issue 01

    Bread Wine and Thou: Issue 01

    Bread Wine & Thou is an independent, Australian-based publication exploring collective food and drink culture, traditions, and experiences. Edited by Yossi Klein, it is a love affair with writing, with a focus on long-form essays as well as lighter, humorous columns, about a range of topics, issues and stories. The first issue, Unloved, features Italian chef Massimo Bottura and a regular column from esteemed chef Marco Pierre White.
    ISBN 9772205281001. Bread Wine & Thou.
    • $15.00
  • Bread Wine and Thou: Issue 02 Maternal

    Bread Wine and Thou: Issue 02 Maternal

    Bread Wine & Thou is an independent, Australian-based publication exploring collective food and drink culture, traditions, and experiences. Edited by Yossi Klein, it is a love affair with writing, with a focus on long-form essays as well as lighter humorous columns about a range of topics, issues and stories. Issue #2 has the theme "Maternal". That dish that feels like a hug from your mum, and the ones that make you feel like hugging her. Cooking and baking glimpsed from under the table, or from between a mother's feet. A sneaking hand smacked aside, the long wait to lick the cake bowl clean. The chicken soup cure-alls, familiar fables, stories, memories and tales. Reminiscences, handed-down cultures, hand-me-down recipes, secrets long held onto, skills, techniques and quirks, the squabbles and the makings up. The tastes, smells, memories and sense of home. The feelings we carry with us across time and geography ... maternal.
    ISBN 9772205281002. Bread Wine & Thou.
    • $20.00
  • Brewed for Taste: Craft Beer Labels Around the World

    Brewed for Taste: Craft Beer Labels Around the World

    ISBN 9781584237372. Gingko Press.
    not yet published
    • $67.50
  • Brooklyn Bar For All Reasons, A 2nd edition

    Brooklyn Bar For All Reasons, A 2nd edition

    In this city guide are bars old and new for any temper; from highfalutin to homely, tranquil to raucous. A saloon for New York's beachcombers, one for philosophers, bars for scholarly pursuits and musical appreciation, a few for a good old-fashioned shot and a beer, and many more for crackerjack cocktails of the moment. Written by Jon Hammer & Karen McBurnie, designed by Steve Wolf. Litho-printed in England on recycled paper.
    ISBN 9781910023891. Herb Lester Associates.
    • $12.50
  • Cake Book

    Cake Book

    This book contains pages of different desserts for you to colour and complete. Then, napkins to embroider, cake stands to decorate and glasses to fill. Food designer Martí Guixe invites us to try out some risk free experiments and to follow our very own rules, in this entertaining new interactive book.
    ISBN 9788875703912. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $33.50
  • Calabria in Cucina: The Flavours of Calabria

    Calabria in Cucina: The Flavours of Calabria

    Calabria in Cucina contains authentic, regional recipes, as well as local food traditions and classic wine from the Sila Mountain range to the white cliffs of the Vaticano Cape, close to Tropea. The easy-to-follow recipes are written by Chef Valentina Oliveri, owner of the restaurant L'Elibelinde, based in Rende (Cosenza).
    ISBN 9788895218700. SIME Books.
    • $69.50
  • Cee Cee Berlin No. 2

    Cee Cee Berlin No. 2

    The book is chock full with more than 200 fresh tips: a selection of the very best of Berlin from 2014-2016, brand-new discoveries, and carefully sourced re­discoveries. Like the first volume, it's a constantly surprising mix of recommendations, including hidden cafes and neighbourhood bars, concept stores and specialty restaurants, destinations further afield in the surrounding countryside, and a dedicated and detailed analysis of the hyperlocal. Numerous photographs and full-page spreads of the city visualize the Berlin of today, and exclusive
    ISBN 9783954761531. Distanz Verlag.
    • $82.50
  • Coffee Lids

    Coffee Lids

    If you're a coffee drinker, you may have marvelled at the ubiquitous plastic coffee cup lid, with its clever combination of indentations, protrusions and tabs that can be pinched, pulled, punctured, and tucked to create an opening to sip from while also keeping a piping-hot liquid in its place. Louise Harpman and Scott Specht have collected these familiar triumphs of industrial design for decades, creating what Smithsonian magazine calls the world's largest collection of coffee cup lids.In addition to oddly compelling close-up photographs, Harpman and Specht include lively field-guides to their classification system and patent drawings for many of the most unique designs. This beautifully designed book will appeal to designers, coffee drinkers, and anyone who delights in the small bits of humble genius that surround us every day. You'll never look at your to-go coffee cup the same way again.
    ISBN 9781616896560. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $37.50
  • Cooked Kitchen, The

    Cooked Kitchen, The

    EOOS, the internationally known design office, has redefined the kitchen with 40 new utensils. Their poetical analysis uses intuitive images, rituals and myths as a starting point for a design process that reimagines kitchen tools. Using wood cuts, paintings, photography and actual objects, EOOS have transformed the everyday objects.
    ISBN 9783990431825. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $72.50
  • Cooking with Antonio Guida

    Cooking with Antonio Guida

    The recipes and life story of Antonio Guida, the twice Michelin starred master chef famed for his cuisine at the Seta and Hotel Il Pellicano “I became a cook because I’m a glutton,” says Antonio Guida (born 1972), star chef of the Seta restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental in Milan. Also famed for his work at the celebrated Hotel Il Pellicano in Tuscany, Guida is most famous as Executive Chef at the Seta.After apprenticeships in Europe and Asia, where he worked alongside multi-starred chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire of the Enoteca Pinchiorri, and Don Alfonso, he was hired at the Terrazza restaurant in Rome’s Hotel Eden; in 2002 he became Executive Chef of Il Pellicano, where he garnered two Michelin stars. Since 2014, he has served as Executive Chef of Seta, which won a Michelin star in 2015, just four months after opening.
    ISBN 9788836645589. Silvana Editoriale.
    • $99.50
  • Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture

    Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture

    Crafted Meat is a compelling visual reference on today's new meat culture. It documents current developments, products, and background stories for both epicures and makers. It explores how to find the best butcher, the tools of the trade, and the differences between cattle breeds and cuts of meat. The book also includes classic recipes to cook, roast, and grill as well as more experimental ones with unusual ingredients or surprising taste combinations. Mouth-wateringly inspirational, Crafted Meat is an informative contemporary survey of a culinary art that plays a significant role in today's new food culture.
    ISBN 9783899555967. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • crEATe.


    investigates recent trends and visual developments in and around food. The book examines everything from the way we eat, the interiors and furniture of innovative restaurants and shops, industrial design and the packaging of food to branding and consumerism. Based upon research by trend analysts from the London firm The Future Laboratory.
    ISBN 9783899552317. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $99.50
  • Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

    Curious Feast: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

    This delightful box features 100 postcards from ten celebrated artists exploring the subject of food. These extraordinary cards in our popular box format offer a rich variety of imagery from various mediums, from photography and collage to painting and illustration. An accompanying booklet on the artists includes information on creative processes and cooking styles from each contributor. Perfect for correspondence or display, this newest postcard box is a must for anyone interested in food and art.
    ISBN 9781616894702. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $37.95
  • Delicious Branding: from Graphic Design to Space Design

    Delicious Branding: from Graphic Design to Space Design

    Examining 100 case studies form across the globe, Delicious Branding presents signature designs for some of the most unique and best executed identities for bars, cafes, and restaurants. Hand selected for cohesive vision, each brand is presented for maximum appeal. Signage and packaging, menu design and interiors exude deliberation as the designer's intent of realizing a comprehensive design concept is met. Following culinary as well as design trends adds extra relevance to the eateries selected, as speciality dessert shops rub shoulders with modern day butchers through the excellence of their brand identities.
    ISBN 9789881683441. Gingko Press.
    • $78.50
  • Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors

    Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors

    Food culture has come a long way. New restaurants, bars and cafés are born out of fresh ideas that, with a clever twist, lead to an unprecedented culinary experience that balances location and concept—and ultimately influences a new world of food.Delicious Places collects examples that fully execute this idea, from single-dish restaurants and traditional pasticcerias to fisherman cooperatives with the freshest produce and high-end restaurants in the mountains. They offer a unique experience that starts the moment you set foot in the door and spans from the interiors to the branding, and behind the scenes to the supply chains and sustainable procedures. Take a seat at the table and feast your senses one by one—the mind will follow.
    ISBN 9783899559699. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $92.50
  • Delicious Wintertime: the Great Outdoors Cookbook for Colder Days

    Delicious Wintertime: the Great Outdoors Cookbook for Colder Days

    Long, adventure-packed days out in the snow call for delicious snacks and warming meals in front of a crackling fire. In Delicious Wintertime, top chef and outdoorsman Markus Sämmer brings together his best winter recipes with stunningly crisp mountain photography and practical tips for a life out in the cold. Energy-rich power breakfasts that keep you going all day, thermos-ready soups and stews, perfect for a break while snowboarding, as well as portable cookies, cakes, and bread. Shorter days make cozy evenings indoors, with slow food and good friends, even more inviting. Whether sweet or savory, all food tastes better when it’s cold outside. Are you hungry yet?
    ISBN 9783899556506. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $85.00
  • Delicious, The: A Companion to New Food Culture

    Delicious, The: A Companion to New Food Culture

    The Delicious takes readers on a mouth-watering visual journey to discover what's cooking around the world. It compiles developments in today's new food culture, such as health-conscious cafeterias, contemporary fast food, and restaurants with cutting-edge ideas, as well as innovative, catering and culinary events both public and private. The book introduces pioneers, traditionalists, and entrepreneurs who are enriching the culinary world with their concepts. Are they still making traditional pizza and pasta in Italy? What's happening in Balkan cuisine? How should you prepare a roast these days? What about new energy smoothies or super-food products that are based on the traditions of tribes who lived in harmony with nature? The answers to all of these questions and more are explored in The Delicious. Other topics include inspirations from Korea and Chile, a Slow Food week in Tel Aviv, a gourmet shuttle through Helsinki, eating lotus blossoms and scorpions in China, trying freshly smoked fish, cooking turnips over a camp fire on the field where they were harvested, and learning how to preserve stone fruits just like our grandparents once did.
    ISBN 9783899555851. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • Designlicious 2

    Designlicious 2

    Come back for another helping of mouthwatering design with Designlicious 2, the second volume of visual identities inspired by culinary philosophies. With a focus on food and drink establishments and brands, it explores interior design projects, stationery, menus, and other promotional materials that reflect mission statements or the unique personalities of owners and intended patrons. Its contents include design and identity projects for juice brands and cafes, restaurants and bakeries, and other culinary businesses that see excellent design as a key ingredient for their success. Designlicious 2 is sure to provide an abundance of inspiration for designers looking create delicious solutions for their own design quandaries.
    ISBN 9789810983383. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $92.50
  • Dictionary of Honey from Nomadic Bees

    Dictionary of Honey from Nomadic Bees

    An A to Z about honey, rich in practical suggestions and literary and historical quotations with many recipes, curiosities and tasting ideas, and drawings by Yocci (Yoshiko Noda). Sweet orange honey, Neapolitan tarts, compotes and honey biscuits: a whole world of the best of honey.
    ISBN 9788875701765. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $37.50
  • Dimes Times

    Dimes Times

    Dimes, the all-day New York Chinatown restaurant known for serving vibrant, healthy plates to a devout following of patrons has grown to include a deli and market as well as design objects and apothecary products since its opening in 2013. Now, the all-encompassing brand expands with its debut cookbook. This title collects recipes from the restaurant organised by times of day and states of mind, in a format and design inspired by the works of Bruno Munari
    ISBN 9781949172362. Karma Books, New York.
    • $63.00
  • Divine Food: Food Culture and Recipes from Israel and Palestine (UK English edition)

    Divine Food: Food Culture and Recipes from Israel and Palestine (UK English edition)

    Israel and Palestine share an outstanding and dynamic cuisine. Divine Food is a visually striking collection of recipes from local markets, Arab traditions, the nomadic tribes of the desert, and the hip restaurants of Tel Aviv. The author of several cookbooks, art director and publicist David Haliva has teamed up with a handpicked group of chefs, restaurateurs and photographers to produce Divine Food. Divine Food embarks on a culinary journey from the North, with its temperate climate and succulent vegetables; to Tel Aviv, where young chefs find new ways to interpret culinary traditions; to Jerusalem, a city of pilgrimage that boasts a myriad of staple dishes; and to the South where nomadic lifestyles inspire desert cuisine.
    ISBN 9783899556421. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $85.00
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