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  • 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers BU

    100 Contemporary Fashion Designers BU

    From i-D creator Terry Jones, this compact survey taken from the Fashion Now! series is your go-to guide to the designers transforming the way we dress. This encyclopedic handbook profiles both the reigning kings and queens—such as Miuccia Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier—alongside the up-and-coming, like Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, and Stella McCartney.
    ISBN 9783836557245. TASCHEN.
    • $40.00
  • 20th-Century Fashion. 100 Years of Apparel Ads

    20th-Century Fashion. 100 Years of Apparel Ads

    In this illustrated fashion story, 400 fashion advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection trace not only the changing trends and silhouettes of the 20th century but also the evolution in their marketing, as fashion developed from an exclusive Parisian salon business into today’s global mega-industry.
    ISBN 9783836522793. TASCHEN.
    • $40.00
  • 299 792 458 m/s: The Overworked Body #2

    299 792 458 m/s: The Overworked Body #2

    The Overworked Body compiles contributions by an international cast of photographers, models and stylists who staged and reinterpreted milestones in 2000s fashion through an exhibition of 300 garments. Edited by Matthew Linde, Robert Kulisek, David Lieske, Avena Gallagher.
    ISBN 9783960983279. Koenig Books.
    • $75.00
  • Adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection

    Adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection

    The adidas story is one of groundbreaking designs, epic moments, and conceiving the all-around sports shoe, worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Run DMC, and Madonna. A mecca for sneaker fans, this book presents adidas’s history through 357 pairs of shoes, including one-of-a-kind originals, vintage models, never-before-seen prototypes, and designs from Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto, and more.
    ISBN 9783836571951. TASCHEN.
    not yet published
    • $250.00
  • Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

    Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

    African fashion and design is colourful, unconventional, fresh, elegant, and self-confident. Africa Rising showcases the work of young creatives from the continent's vibrant metropolises. Africa Rising calls stereotypes and archaic cliches into question. Insightful essays from experts and artisans contextualise each portrait and provide insight into talented pioneers, outstanding projects, and the way craft can be a catalyst for social and economic developments. A comprehensive portrait of Africa manifests from marrying Peter Mabeo's furniture made from indigenous wood or Nobukho Nqaba's body of photographic work that handles the themes of migration and foreignness through the clever use of every day objects or the publicly-minded architecture of David Adjaye with the up-and-coming threads of Selly Raby Kane's energetic fashion line or the soundscapes of Spoek Mathambo's Fantasma that fix Bantu lyrics to computerized beats.The volume is co-edited by Design Indaba: a multifaceted design platform that garners worldwide critical acclaim for their annual design conference held in Cape Town. Africa Rising celebrates the way art strengthens and unifies cultures and, most importantly, invokes the multi-faceted richness of Africa.
    ISBN 9783899556414. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • All Allure

    All Allure

    All Allure expands on the classical definition and world of erotic motifs to display a contemporary approach on erotic visual culture. Showcasing the work from graphic design, fashion illustration, photography and performance art, this is a collection of captivating works that illustrates trends in eroticism outside the mainstream.
    ISBN 9783899551006. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $25.00
  • Antonio Marras: Fashion Unfolds

    Antonio Marras: Fashion Unfolds

    Born in Alghero (Italy) in 1961, growing up among the prints and embroideries of his father’s boutique, Antonio Marras quickly established himself in the fashion world, bringing onto the catwalk creations heavily influenced by Sardinian traditions and his strong passion for art. Starting from iconic pieces personally chosen by Marras as the most representative of the entire body of his work, the book is a collage of words and images that travels backwards focusing on significant moments in Marras’ design process. Inspirations from poems, landscapes, exhibitions or faces take shape through fine watercolors and pencil sketches.“Fashion Unfolds” is a collection of books which reveal the creative process of leading international figures in fashion design, giving an intimate look into the secret, multifaceted and fascinating world of past and contemporary fashion designers, like precious objects that reflect each designer philosophy. As well as hundreds of images each book includes unpublished interviews and essays by the industry’s leading journalists. These books reveal the poetry of processes and precision that have led to the most unexpected creativity. They are materials for study, providing inspiration and awe.
    ISBN 9788867326136. Moleskine Editions.
    • $78.00
  • Arabic Script on Christian Kings

    Arabic Script on Christian Kings

    Roger II's famous mantle and other royal garments from twelfth- and thirteenth-century Sicily prominently display Arabic inscriptions. While the phenomenon is highly unusual in the context of Latin Christian kingship, the use of inscriptions as a textile ornament was common and imbued with political functions in the Islamic courts of the medieval Mediterranean. This case study of the inscribed garments from Norman Sicily draws attention to the diverse functions of Arabic textile inscriptions using various contextual frames. Such a contextual approach not only highlights the specificities of the Norman textile inscriptions and emphasises the practical and political choices underlying their use at the Sicilian court, it also pinpoints the flaws of universalising approaches to transcultural ornamental in circulation in the medieval Mediterranean. This new perspective on the royal garments from Norman Sicily draws from a variety of disciplines, including Islamic and European art history, the history of textiles, epigraphy, legal history and historiography, and aims to challenge established notions of cultural and disciplinary boundaries.
    ISBN 9783110532029. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $200.00
  • Arachne: An Almanac on Clothing and Culture

    Arachne: An Almanac on Clothing and Culture

    Arachne is an almanac of clothing, fashion, lifestyle, popular culture, music and art in Vienna. It explores happenings in the city -- including the work of the fashion design class at the University of Applied Arts -- and beyond, offering a unique mix of fashion editorials, illustrations, essays, art, short stories, reviews and interviews.The publication owes its name to the ancient Greek myth of Arachne, a weaver so talented that she challenged Athena, the goddess of wisdom and crafts, to a weaving contest. Athena punished Arachne for her hubris by turning her into a spider.
    ISBN 9783035618617. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $55.00
  • Archivio Studio Picone Roma

    Archivio Studio Picone Roma

    ISBN 9788887071450. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $89.95
  • Art of Japanese Dyeing Patterns BILINGUAL JPN & ENG

    Art of Japanese Dyeing Patterns BILINGUAL JPN & ENG

    A comprehensive guide to Kamawanu, a Japanese brand of Tenugui, which is a square piece of cotton adorned with dyed patterns. This multi-functional item can be used in a variety of ways: wall decoration, wrapping gifts, tea towel or bandanna as head accessories. This book introduces more than 300 designs as well as some useful ideas for Tenugui usage.
    ISBN 9784756245106. Pie Books.
    • $43.50
  • Auguste Racinet. Complete Costume History XL

    Auguste Racinet. Complete Costume History XL

    Racinet’s Costume History is a landmark in the study of clothing and style. This TASCHEN reprint presents Racinet’s exquisitely precise colour illustrations, as well as his delightful descriptions and often witty commentary. From Eskimo attire to high French couture, this unrivalled encyclopaedia is an invaluable reference for students, designers, artists, illustrators, and historians, and anyone interested in style.
    ISBN 9783836571289. TASCHEN.
    • $125.00
  • Beautiful Brooches (Japanese, some English)

    Beautiful Brooches (Japanese, some English)

    This handy photography book introduces about 800 beautiful brooches from the collection of Eric Hebert, a French button and accessories collector. Originating mainly in Europe from the 19th to the 21st centuries, the brooches are classified into four categories: material (wood, ceramic, glass, etc.), vintage, brooch artists, and motifs. The beautiful and astonishing variety of brooches will attract fashion designers, artisans and European vintage lovers. It also makes a wonderful gift book for those who love small, beautiful items.
    ISBN 9784756248084. Pie Books.
    • $30.00
  • Beautiful Buttons (bilingual English-Japanese)

    Beautiful Buttons (bilingual English-Japanese)

    This handy-sized photography book presents around 750 different types of buttons mainly from Europe and some from Japan. Categorised by history, materials, and artist, the buttons are laid out rhythmically on every turn of page.
    ISBN 9784756245953. Pie Books.
    • $29.50
  • Beautiful, The

    Beautiful, The

    The Beautiful presents the work of 100 of today's hippest and most promising illustrators in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, editorial design and commercial illustration in 224 full-colour pages.
    ISBN 9783899553215. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $85.00
  • Blue Blooded: Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture (announced as Indigo)

    Blue Blooded: Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture (announced as Indigo)

    A contemporary overview of our favourite article of clothing, Blue Blooded introduces traditional brands as well as designers who are stirring up the industry. It covers the topic of jeans in its entirety - from their rivets to their various washes and from their cultural history to a recommended selection of stores where they can be bought. And, of course, the things every denim head needs to know: How to wash - or not wash - your jeans. How denim is made. And how denim makes us who we are.
    ISBN 9783899556469. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • Brilliant!: The Futures of Italian Jewellery

    Brilliant!: The Futures of Italian Jewellery

    The fine jewels of Admirable Manufacture, the elegance of Everyday Beauty, the artistic experiments of Avant Craft, the interactive jewellery of Precious Technology and the challenges of 3D printing of Collective Creativity: these are the masterpieces of Italian jewellery, admired the world over, and here they become examples to be handed down to future generations in a pluralism of languages that intersects jewellery with art, design, fashion and new technologies. From prehistory to the twentieth century, jewellery has followed a linear, sequential and deductive path, punctuated by precious materials and social symbolism. The timeline of contemporary jewellery has fragmented into multiple reflections of often divergent values and contexts, sitting precariously between the eternal of precious tradition and the ephemeral of fashion. This present fragmentary nature opens up windows on the futures of jewellery. The protagonist is the necklace, the most representative and beautiful facet of Italian jewellery.
    ISBN 9788875705688. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $75.00
  • Cee Cee Berlin No. 2

    Cee Cee Berlin No. 2

    The book is chock full with more than 200 fresh tips: a selection of the very best of Berlin from 2014-2016, brand-new discoveries, and carefully sourced re­discoveries. Like the first volume, it's a constantly surprising mix of recommendations, including hidden cafes and neighbourhood bars, concept stores and specialty restaurants, destinations further afield in the surrounding countryside, and a dedicated and detailed analysis of the hyperlocal. Numerous photographs and full-page spreads of the city visualize the Berlin of today, and exclusive
    ISBN 9783954761531. Distanz Verlag.
    • $82.50
  • Child Kimono and the Colors of Japan

    Child Kimono and the Colors of Japan

    ISBN 9784894446076. Pie Books.
    • $49.50
  • Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes

    Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes

    Inspired by the Belle Epoque and the floral world, Christian Dior's perfume signalled a return of elegance to the French and captured a newfound femininity. Flowers remained at the heart of his creations: clothing lines with evocative names (Muguet, Corolle, Rose), perfumes soliflores and floral bouquets. Dior's lifelong Provencal attraction shines through in his work, from his pre-war vacations, through his wartime visits to Callian and to his residency in Montaroux.Text by Olivier Quiquempois, Gregory Couderc, Cindy Levinspuhl, Vincent Leret, Elisabeth De Feydeau, Frederic Bourdelier, Edomond Roudnitska, Jean-Baptiste Pisano. Interviews by Lucienne Rostagno, Fracois Demachy.
    ISBN 9788836635825. Silvana Editoriale.
    • $66.50
  • Cinema Wears a Hat. Borsalino and Other Stories

    Cinema Wears a Hat. Borsalino and Other Stories

    Lots of film icons have used hats to make themselves more recognisable on screen: from Charlie Chaplin to the Blues Brothers, from Humphrey Bogart to John Wayne... Cinema Wears a Hat tells of the century-old relationship between film and hats, showing the kinds of stories, passions, disguises and identifying traits which headgear can create.
    ISBN 9788875702816. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $85.00
  • Commedia dell'Arte Collectors Book

    Commedia dell'Arte Collectors Book

    Limited to 400 numbered copies, linen bound, signed and numbered print by Florian Bohm, custom cloth bound Solander box. A collectors version of the Couture edition of Commedia dell'Arte.
    ISBN 9783034605519. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $1,650.00
  • Commedia dell'Arte Couture Edition

    Commedia dell'Arte Couture Edition

    16 porcelain figures of the Commedia dell'arte created in 1760 are redressed by sixteen internationally renowned fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Naoki Takizawa, Gareth Pugh and Victor & Rolf. This lavish volume documents the making of this limited edition.
    ISBN 9783034605441. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $265.00
  • Communicating Fashion Brands

    Communicating Fashion Brands

    A great compendium of fashion branding, interior design and packaging, with work ranging from pop-up store decor, logo design and signage to shopping bags, business cards, swing tags and promotional material. Brands profiled include Nike, Victoria Beckham, Saks Fifth Ave, Kii Design Stores, Urban Outfitters, Issey Miyake and Levi's.
    ISBN 9789881562586. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $87.50
  • Cork: in Architecture, Design, Fashion & Art

    Cork: in Architecture, Design, Fashion & Art

    After exploring the life cycle of cork, and describing the refining techniques for use in industry and craftsmanship, the authors offer many examples of applications of cork in art, fashion, in- terior design and decoration.This book supplies an astonishing overview about the re- cent trends in using an old natural material in many new ways in our daily life and gives worthwhile insights in various pro- duction processes.
    ISBN 9783943330328. Gingko Press.
    not yet published
    • $79.95
  • Cosplay: Made in Japan

    Cosplay: Made in Japan

    ISBN 9784905156086. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $60.00
  • Costume in the World

    Costume in the World

    In this book of exquisite and full colour photography, 164 beautiful and exquisite costumes are collected from more than 60 countries across the world, from traditional and vibrant Andean wear to Tyrollean children clad in authentic lederhosen.
    ISBN 9784756241504. Pie Books.
    • $35.00
  • Creativity Is Born: Issey Miyake & Reality Lab (Japanese-English bilingual)

    Creativity Is Born: Issey Miyake & Reality Lab (Japanese-English bilingual)

    'Creativity is Born' focuses on groundbreaking designer Issey Miyake's innovative fashion brand, “132 5. Issey Miyake”, and his extended project of interior lighting products, IN-EI. This bilingual guide introduces Miyake's work in an accessible, portable format. The “132 5. Issey Miyake” brand concept is unveiled, followed by 10 patterns from this fashion line featured alongside development sketches and examples of the finished pieces. The brand concept with Miyake's words and number of photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki are also included, making this title a treasured resource for fans. The book is published in conjunction with the solo exhibition titled "The Work of Issey Miyake”, which will be held in Tokyo in Spring 2016.
    ISBN 9784756247926. Pie Books.
    out of print
    • $47.50
  • Curated Table, The

    Curated Table, The

    Few things in life are as enjoyable or memorable as a good meal spent in the company of friends and family. Add a delectable food and drink menu and inspired place settings with natural decorations, and you are ready to take it to the next level! The Curated Meal takes out the guesswork, providing complementary courses and inspired styling for a variety of occasions, whether indoor or outdoor and for any time of the day. Enjoy a comfortable respite with loved ones as you share stories and a savoury meal over the rustic table, entranced by your surroundings. With simple easy-to-follow recipes and tips for cooking, plating and décor – whether for an outside dinner party or romantic snack for two.
    ISBN 9781584236856. Gingko Press.
    • $77.50
  • Daily Production: Tradition as Remake

    Daily Production: Tradition as Remake

    Using traditional clothing as an example, Daily Production focuses on the relationship between tradition and renewal, cultural differences and global economies. What is the current status of specific cultural traditions and phenomena? How do they come about, what do they mean, how do they change? The focus is on the relationship between tradition, production and work with respect to design, production and the use of traditional textiles.
    ISBN 9783110456998. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $67.00
  • Dark Carnival, The: Portraits from Endless Night

    Dark Carnival, The: Portraits from Endless Night

    For some, heaven will not be a perpetual dawn but rather an endless night - an eternity of the wild hours between dusk and sunrise. The Dark Carnival is a darkly fascinating celebration stretching across five decades of London nightlife's exuberance and self-expression. Derek Ridgers has been a feature in these clubs and on the streets of the capital for many years - indulging in his passion for collecting these images, the fleeting impressions of people dressed up for the glorious night.
    ISBN 9781908211385. Carpet Bombing Culture.
    Only 2 left in stock
    • $85.00
  • Dark Fashion World

    Dark Fashion World

    ISBN 9781908175663. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $79.95
  • Death of Fashion, The

    Death of Fashion, The

    Grundl (designer of Armani stores and founder of EOOS design office) seeks answers to why the annual sale of high end fashion is characterised by slashed prices and no-design displays. In this highly original investigation into the meaning of fashion Grundl sees fashion sales as modern Dionysian sacrifice rituals.
    ISBN 9783211498545. Springer Verlag.
    • $88.00
  • Design Ideas for Handmade Textile and Fabric (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Design Ideas for Handmade Textile and Fabric (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    This book introduces ten Japanese fabric designers and their works. Their textiles and fabrics are designed and handmade using traditional methods such as woodblock printing, clay dying, and hand stitching. The book not only showcases the designers' works, but features an in-depth look at their techniques. It is a great reference book for textile or fabric designers. Original designs and patterns are also included.
    ISBN 9784756246172. Pie Books.
    • $36.00
  • Design of Iida Kasaten

    Design of Iida Kasaten

    Iida Kasaten is a Japanese umbrella maker known for original patterns and quality craftsmanship. This title is a behind-the-scenes look at Iida Kasaten, and includes their latest collection. The beautiful patterns on their umbrellas will appeal to textile lovers while their philosophy of craftsmanship will inspire product designers.
    ISBN 9784756244819. Pie Books.
    • $29.50
  • Designing Patterns: For Decoration, Fashion and Graphics

    Designing Patterns: For Decoration, Fashion and Graphics

    One of Scandinavia's most prominent pattern designers Lotta Kuhlhorn offers expert advice to those designing patterns with the help of numerous photographs and personal anecdotes. She explains how she works, what inspires her, and why edges are just as important as middles.
    ISBN 9783899555158. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $85.00
  • Dotted Visuals: Polka Dots in Contemporary Graphic Design

    Dotted Visuals: Polka Dots in Contemporary Graphic Design

    Dotted Visuals selects the most innovative graphic work of recent years featuring the humble polka dot in the fields of art, design and fashion from around the globe. Spare yet elegant, the polka dot continues to appeal to designers as a motif with broad applications for a variety of disciplines from fashion, to graphics, typography and space design. Isolated or in a crowd, black and white or in colour, indistinct or in sharp focus, the multiplicity of effects are endless. An elemental unit of design in the universe, the dot has an aesthetic appeal that is perhaps part instinctual and part referential as virtually everything found from the micro to the macro level is based on this simple form.
    ISBN 9789881470317. Gingko Press.
    • $87.50
  • Eccentrico


    With this volume, which accompanies the moving exhibition of the same name, fashion designer Giorgio Armani reveals his eccentric side - a fantastic aesthetic dimension that seems to alter the very essence of things - through drawing and photographs of garments and accessories from 1985 to the present day.
    ISBN 9788890239724. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $79.95
  • Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds

    Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds

    Elio Fiorucci (June 10, 1935 – July 19, 2015) helped define the very idea of fashion by pushing limits into heterogeneous contexts. Through his work, this book highlights the communicative aspect of his way of doing fashion design. The impressive list of his collaborations includes Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Madonna, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Oliviero Toscani, Antonio lopez, Keith Haring, Ettore Sottsass, Archizoom and John Cage.
    ISBN 9788867326563. Moleskine Editions.
    • $70.00
  • Emilio Pucci

    Emilio Pucci

    Bright colors, bold prints, and joie de vivre flair abound in this must-have tribute to Pucci, the fashion house like no other. Packed full of archival photography, sketches, designs, and gorgeously evocative ephemera, this tome captures the breathtaking elegance, drama, and innovation of a unique brand.
    ISBN 9783836536202. TASCHEN.
    • $110.00
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