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  • Abbott Miller: Design and Content

    Abbott Miller: Design and Content

    Abbott Miller: Design and Content is the first monograph on the award-winning graphic designer known for his innovative work at multi-disciplinary design firm, Pentagram. Miller presents his work as a catalog of design strategies, emerging from the unique circumstances of form and content. Four categories: Books, Exhibitions, Magazines, and Identity provide insight into Miller's influences and working process while showcasing his best designs. Includes a foreword by Ellen Lupton.
    ISBN 9781568987262. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $115.00
  • ART + COM

    ART + COM

    Design studio Art+Com has worked at the intersection of art, media, design and technology for 20 years. This catalogue documents their work for clients such as BMW, Esprit and Deutsche Bank. Also features detailed documentation of projects and text offering insights into the work of this leading group.
    ISBN 9783899552850. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $92.00
  • Art on the Wall

    Art on the Wall

    Art on the Wall reveals how designers and artists turn the blank canvases of plain walls into visceral, colourful experiences for anyone entering the room. This title features nearly 100 walls in a variety of settings, and each project is given extra depth with information on project designers, locations and clients alongside images featuring the piece.Projects in a wide range of colour, texture, size and style decorate the walls of restaurants, clubs, private homes, stores, art exhibitions and office spaces around the world. More than just aesthetic additions, these pieces of art represent the values, achievements, backgrounds and even flavours of the spaces they decorate.
    ISBN 9781908175472. Gingko Press.
    • $69.95
  • Atelier Oi

    Atelier Oi

    atelier oï was established in Switzerland in 1991 by three founders with very different professional backgrounds. Active in the fields of architecture, interior design, scenography and product design, the office is continuously discovering new ways of experimenting with forms, colours and materials. This is the first book presenting their work.
    ISBN 9783899861648. AVedition.
    • $85.00
  • Bernhard Kleber – Passion

    Bernhard Kleber – Passion

    ISBN 9783110602883. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $125.00
  • Bicycle Book: Marti Guixe

    Bicycle Book: Marti Guixe

    There is a bicycle to suit every taste, moment and circumstance. It would be fantastic to have them all, but perhaps it's just as nice to want them, to imagine them, without having to find space in the garage for such a vast collection. That's why Marti Guixe has proposed this new funny, ironic do-it-yourself book: two wheels on each page and the freedom to imagine and draw your own models, like a modern Leonardo Da Vinci.
    ISBN 9788875705046. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $33.50
  • Bouncing Borders: Michael Wegerer

    Bouncing Borders: Michael Wegerer

    ISBN 9783110485431. Birkhauser Verlag.
    not yet published
    • $89.50
  • Brand Spaces (announced as Building Awareness)

    Brand Spaces (announced as Building Awareness)

    Brands are always hungry for new communication ideas. With unique spatial experiences--quirky events, experimental showrooms, radical pop-up shops, and stunning flagship stores--they are reaching out to their most sophisticated audiences. Brand Spaces showcases cutting-edge interior concepts and locations with character that effectively communicate brands in several dimensions at the same time. Decision makers from leading brands such as Camper, Aesop and Nike share concepts and strategies that communicate overall brand identity while respecting local specifications.
    ISBN 9783899554779. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $99.50
  • Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Break the Mold! Seasonal Event Graphics helps designers, illustrators and advertisers by showcasing unique and original creative works that break the mould of standard seasonal designs. Arranged by season, the designs featured in this book appeal more effectively to audiences by using various motifs, layouts and colour combinations in fresh ways that are sure to make this year's events anything but the same old thing.
    ISBN 9784756247674. Pie Books.
    • $135.00
  • Corporate Museums

    Corporate Museums

    Thanks to their outstanding architecture, visionary exhibitions and important collections corporate museums have evolved into crowd pullers of international renown. And yet, many strong and interesting examples have not so far received the attention they deserve. The roughly 35 concepts that are presented range from conventional product show to scenographically themed environments and presentations of art and culture with the company in the role of a patron.
    ISBN 9783899861761. AVedition.
    • $125.00
  • Culture and Art: Museum Design

    Culture and Art: Museum Design

    Museums are often the most iconic buildings to grace a city's skyline and can herald it's arrival on the world stage as a centre of art and culture. This inspiring collection of museums features both those broad in appeal, and more focused institutions. All are unique, from the incredible Maritime Museum in Lingan City China to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow with its unforgettable facade.
    ISBN 9789881922670. Gingko Press.
    • $140.00
  • Design in Bloom: Making Edible and Ornamental Flowers

    Design in Bloom: Making Edible and Ornamental Flowers

    Design in Bloom is the perfect resource for those looking to lend a personal yet sophisticated touch to their home and event decor. The book offers a multitude of chic handcrafted projects, including party decorations, centre pieces, floral crowns, wedding accessories, and even cocktail garnishes. Each project is broken down into easy steps and accompanied by photographs of these elegant DIY arrangements. Design in Bloom guides its audience through the creative application of flowers for every day and special occasions to produce unique decorations that will charm all who encounter them.
    ISBN 9781584235866. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $58.50
  • Designing Exhibitions 2nd edition

    Designing Exhibitions 2nd edition

    A successful exhibition is a well-balanced mix of communication, knowledge transfer, interaction, adventure, and contemplation. This widely popular handbook, which has already gone through multiple printings, offers a concise presentation of the principal phases of an exhibition's genesis with striking examples from the design practice of the authors. Topics covered are conception and design, presentation and staging, representation and education, text and graphics, typography and layout, as well as light and lighting. The central design steps are illustrated with sketches, diagrams, plans, elevations, simulations, technical drawings, workforming models, and photographs.
    ISBN 9783034607179. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $62.50
  • Event Design Yearbook 2010/2011

    Event Design Yearbook 2010/2011

    The best event design of the year is showcased in this unique volume. High design standards and dramaturgical impact, plus the response of the public, panels and the press, are the criteria for inclusion. More than 30 well-known agencies from German-speaking countries and around 50 of their most recent projects are represented.
    • $135.00
  • Events: Situating the Temporary

    Events: Situating the Temporary

    The Amsterdam-based design office of EventArchitectuur has been active in the fields of exhibition and interior design and temporary architecture for more than 20 years, with their projects and interventions present in Berlin, Paris, New York and many other locations world-wide. In this substantial book, designed by the Dutch design studio Experimental Jetset, Herman Verkerk and his team dedicate their knowledge and experience to the design community. With contributions by Bernard Tschumi, Beatriz Colomina, Dirk van den Heuvel, Ellen Blumenstein and many others, topics include time-based narrative architecture, the architecture of events, display in public context, building-related landscape and many others. This approach makes the book a content-driven tool of communication and knowledge.
    ISBN 9783035610208. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $95.00
  • Exhibiting Architecture

    Exhibiting Architecture

    As the title of the book suggests, the ambition to exhibit architecture entails a paradox: how to exhibit something as large and complex as a building or a city, and how to communicate something as elusive as an architectural experience that unfolds in space and time? Architecture poses a challenge to exhibition as a medium: what do we exhibit when we exhibit architecture: should we be satisfied to exhibit photographs of buildings, or aim to display whole buildings, fragments and models? These were among the questions the organizers posed to a group of architectural and art historians, practicing architects, and curators, who were invited to participate to contribute essays to the book. Their discussions address not only the exhibition as a medium, but challenge the stability of the preconceived idea of what architecture is by opening up a range of possibilities as to how architecture is made, experienced, and discussed. Exhibiting Architecture: A Paradox? brings together, in print form, the lectures, paper presentations, and panel discussions that took place at the eponymous symposium at the Yale School of Architecture in Fall 2013. Contributors include Barry Bergdoll, Mari Lending, Wallis Miller, Romy Golan, Paula Burleigh, Craig Buckley, Mark Wasiuta, Simon Sadler, Federica Vannucchi, Andres Kurg, Helena Mattson, Liane Lefaivre, Lea-Catherine Szacka, Irene Sunwoo, David Andrew Tasman, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Brennan Buck, Carson Chan, Arianne Lourie-Harrison, Nina Rappaport, Joel Sanders, Pedro Gadanho, Eva Franch, Andrea Phillips, and Henry Urbach.
    ISBN 9781940291598. Actar.
    • $59.50
  • Exhibition in the Making: Getting Things Done

    Exhibition in the Making: Getting Things Done

    ISBN 9783990436523. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $45.00
  • Exhibition, the: Getting Things Done

    Exhibition, the: Getting Things Done

    ISBN 9783990436547. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $92.00
  • Fashion Eyes: Top Window Displays in Europe

    Fashion Eyes: Top Window Displays in Europe

    Focused principally on Paris, the world capital of window-shopping, Fashion Eyes portrays the best displays by the top shops on the high streets and fashion-centric byways. The survey is divided into four chapters: the Grand Department Stores, Fashion Designer Stores, Designer Retrospectives, and finally Ready-to-Wear. Stores and designers include Harrods, Selfridges, Colette, Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Zara, H&M, and more.
    ISBN 9789881562456. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $79.95
  • Friedrich Kiesler: Life Visions

    Friedrich Kiesler: Life Visions

    Artist, designer, architect, stage designer, and exhibition designer Friedrich Kiesler (1890-1965) influenced European and American architecture and art scene with his avant-garde contributions; his oeuvre remains a source of inspiration to this day. The catalogue illustrates Kiesler's entire oeuvre and discusses his theory of "correalism" concerning the relationship between works of art, humans, and space, as well as his innovative exhibition design.Contributions from contemporary artists such as Leonor Antunes, Celine Condorelli, Verena Dengler, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Apolonija Sustersic, and Rirkrit Tiravanija give an insight into Kiesler's importance today. constructivist
    ISBN 9783035611083. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $87.50
  • Gain Attractiveness! Graphic and Spatial Design for Exhibitions, Events and Pop-up Shops (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Gain Attractiveness! Graphic and Spatial Design for Exhibitions, Events and Pop-up Shops (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Temporary spaces such as pop-up shops, exhibitions, and events are great opportunities for brands to promote and sell their products in an environment that fits their branding concept and image. Gain Attractiveness! presents design tips that brands can use at different types of events to provide customers with memorable brand experiences. The publication is a good reference for those seeking to attract customers visually and spatially.
    ISBN 9784756251763. Pie Books.
    • $115.00
  • George Tsypin Opera Factory: Invisible City

    George Tsypin Opera Factory: Invisible City

    In George Tsypin Opera Factory: Invisible City, Tsypin introduces his designs for twenty productions including musicals West Side Story, The Little Mermaid, and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark; operas Oedipus Rex, The Fiery Angel, and the Ring Cycle; the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi; Cirque du Soleil's Oasis; and a carousel of undersea creatures for Battery Park (New York). Tsypin uses each project as a starting point to meditate on creativity and the fleeting nature of performance.
    ISBN 9781616895242. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $110.00
  • Good Design 2011

    Good Design 2011

    A guide to good design from the German-speaking world, ranging across architecture, product and trade fair design, corporate communication and advertising. It presents works selected by the Deutscher Design Club for their annual competition.
    ISBN 9783034607711. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $80.00
  • Happening!


    For the first time a look at how design can help to make PR events unique and compelling occasions. Selected projects show that there is virtually no limit to the influence and variety that are possible for events such as product presentations, pop concerts and cultural exhibitions.
    ISBN 9783764379766. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $130.00
  • Holidays on Display

    Holidays on Display

    A comprehensive overview of the art and industry of the holiday display, from department store Christmas displays to Santa in his winter wonderland. Tracing the move from shop window to building exteriors and then out into the street for parades, this is a fascinating history of window artistry.
    ISBN 9781568986951. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $43.50
  • It's Showtime: Branded Interiors and Visual Presentations

    It's Showtime: Branded Interiors and Visual Presentations

    ISBN 9783899555820. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $99.50
  • Keep in Touch: Contemporary Design for Invitations, Postcards, Stamps & Seals

    Keep in Touch: Contemporary Design for Invitations, Postcards, Stamps & Seals

    In an increasingly digital world, there’s nothing quite like the sentiment of receiving a thoughtful letter via snail mail. This title introduces original designs for invitations, postcards, stamps, and seals, offering a fresh perspective on an age-old tradition. Through interviews with international artists and designated chapters on every mail-able creation, readers will discover a modern take on postal design and its timeless ability to connect us all.
    ISBN 9783943330519. Gingko Press.
    • $94.50
  • Kodak: Celebrating the Brand

    Kodak: Celebrating the Brand

    This book is a portrait of a series of Kodak exhibition stands at the Photokina in Cologne. All the stands show the hand of their designer, Atelier Bruckner in Stuttgart. The richly illustrated path through the design process uses photos and sketches to demonstrate the potential of corporate design in a three-dimensional space.
    ISBN 9783899860627. AVedition.
    • $86.00
  • Lang/Baumann: More is More

    Lang/Baumann: More is More

    More is more? The Swiss artists Lang/Baumann are renowned for their extraordinary interventions, which radically alter public space or occupy the interiors of art institutions. Beautifully presented in this monograph, their colorful, experimental, and rigorous projects are a call for more audacity in creating temporary installations that often seem to promise access to a hidden world.
    ISBN 9783899554816. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $99.50
  • Liquid Spaces: Scenography, Installations and Spatial Experiences

    Liquid Spaces: Scenography, Installations and Spatial Experiences

    The foundation of a meaningful relationship between artist and audience, museum and visitor, or brand and customer is based on an unforgettable experience. Liquid Spaces features a wide spectrum of unconventional environments ranging from experimental installations to complex productions. Each one of these spaces plays with the boundaries of human perception, triggering encounters that activate the senses in surprising ways. Artists, scenographers, and architects, as well as interior and exhibition designers, create these extraordinary situations. Liquid Spaces presents the most innovative concepts, most radical designers, and most demanding clients.
    ISBN 9783899555615. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $99.50
  • Local Event Graphics (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    Local Event Graphics (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    The trend for organising local 'small town-style' events, such as festivals and markets, has recently become popular all over Japan. This book is a great collection of posters and flyers that present the details of each event and encourage people to attend through attractive, easy-to-understand and inviting graphic design.Covering many kinds of events, from local festivals to large-scale events, this book is sure to be an excellent reference not only for graphic designers and illustrators but also for event planners and organisers as well.
    ISBN 9784756248749. Pie Books.
    • $69.50
  • Masters' Interior Design 4: Exhibition Space

    Masters' Interior Design 4: Exhibition Space

    This very eclectic selection of exhibition spaces brings together many types of projects and design solutions, including showrooms, fair stands, and art exhibitions. The book considers how space is employed for display purposes, in order to sell a product, and looks at exhibition halls, pavilions, stages, fair stands, museum shows, and educational exhibitions.
    ISBN 9787562338581. Gingko Press.
    • $95.00
  • Materials in Architecture

    Materials in Architecture

    The materials used in architecture inform our experience of buildings and spaces through the interplay of aesthetic, social and historic considerations. Both structural and decorative elements have a role to play, whether immediately visceral or only on a subliminal level. Human beings have a relationship to the materials, one that is colored by our values and expectations and not easily set aside. Continued innovations by architects at the vanguard of design have pushed the limits of acceptance - envisioning unique and often surprising structures challenging our preconceptions. Glass, stone, concrete, steel and wood all compete for our attention - their best characteristics presented by the brilliant architects featured, successfully showcasing each material's full range of implementation.
    ISBN 9781584234937. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $87.50
  • Museum Design

    Museum Design

    Museum Design showcases 46 beautifully designed museums from around the world that demonstrate extraordinary architectural creativity. Each project is presented with descriptive texts, supporting colour images, and detailed plans, as well as insightful interviews with accomplished architects on how regional culture and local geography influence the design and construction of a museum. With a broad selection of art, historical, and culture museums from around the world.
    ISBN 9789881683519. Gingko Press.
    • $115.00
  • New Exhibition Design 02

    New Exhibition Design 02

    The latest volume in this series offers an up-to-date insight into state-of-the-art exhibition design and planning. Featuring more than 80 project examples from around the world, with 500 colour photos, plans and project data from exhibitions, museums, showrooms, shops, galleries and public spaces.
    ISBN 9783899861259. AVedition.
    • $130.00
  • New Museums in China

    New Museums in China

    Museums in China are booming. Once scarce, they have multiplied rapidly, with more than 1,000 opening in the last decade. New Museums in China presents fifty-one of the most innovative museums of the last ten years in beautiful photographs, detailed drawings, and insightful texts based on new interviews with an international slate of architects. Featured museums are the best new buildings of any kind in China. Features the works of starchitects such as David Chipperfield, MVRDV, Steven Holl, and Zaha Hadid as well as respected Chinese designers such as Wang Shu of Amateur Architecture Studio, winner of the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize.
    ISBN 9781616891503. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $95.00
  • Odyssey Works

    Odyssey Works

    Odyssey Works infiltrates the life of one person at a time to create a custom-tailored, life-altering performance. It may last for one day or a few months and consists of experiences that blur the boundaries of life and art - is that subway Mariachi band, used book of poetry, or meal with a new friend real or a part of the performance? Central to this book is their 2013 performance for Rick Moody, author of The Ice Storm. His Odyssey lasted four months and included a fake children's book, introducing the themes of his performance, and a cello concert in a Saskatchewan prairie (which Moody almost missed after being stopped at customs with, suspiciously, no idea why he was travelling to Canada).
    ISBN 9781616895150. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $65.00
  • On Show by Design (On Show 2)

    On Show by Design (On Show 2)

    An exploration of the latest in exhibition design by a select group of leading artists, designers and architects. On Show by Design showcases the creative freedom of temporary exhibits or displays by examining some of the most iconic designs of recent years. Some highlights include Dior Illustrated: Rene Gruau, held at Somerset House in London; a retrospective by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec held at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris; and the Sasso San Gottardo exhibition.
    ISBN 9781584235644. Gingko Press.
    • $99.50
  • On Show: Temporary Design for Fairs, Events and Exhibitions

    On Show: Temporary Design for Fairs, Events and Exhibitions

    The beauty of impermanence has many manifestations - whether in the artistic, natural or spiritual realm. Each transitory piece elicits a response in the participant - a heightened awareness of the senses occurs in order to capture impressions before it is too late. The design of exhibition and trade show stands exemplifies this temporary quality, providing intriguing displays that are at once eye catching, sophisticated and memorable. Whether controlled or interactive, the installations featured frequently make use of all surfaces from floor to ceiling to arrest one's attention and direct further explorations. Through the innovative use of lighting, multimedia displays and custom fixtures, a story is told, creating a unique experience for the visitor and a reference for future recommendations.
    ISBN 9781584234944. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $79.95
  • On Spot: International Event Design

    On Spot: International Event Design

    Intended for promoters, designers, organisers and brand managers, On Spot chronicles over 100 site-specific gatherings that vary in scope from tiny arts festivals to a NATO summit. Yet however disparate thematically or geographically, each selection shares one commonality -- a distinct image and a creative approach to its promotion. On Spot demonstrates how successful events design their campaigns utilising tools such as posters and banners, installations and interactive smart phone apps, websites and wearables.
    ISBN 9789881562401. Gingko Press.
    • $87.50
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