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    (1:13) presents the 13 chairs that were never painted in Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper. Editors Davide Crippa and Barbara Di Prete invite 13 Italian designers to share their thoughts and ideas on the design of the chairs used by Jesus and the Apostles.
    ISBN 9788875704247. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $37.50
  • 100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads: Joe La Pompe

    100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads: Joe La Pompe

    French blogger and undercover advertising expert Joe La Pompe exposes the not-so-secret visual recipes behind successful ads. La Pompe extracts the 100 most popular visual ideas and recurring subjects from the world of advertising. He then presents the 10 best campaigns from around the world based on each of these themes, yet have implemented them in a variety of different ways. By illustrating correllations and inspirations, this book offers advertising agencies and designers informed, entertaining, and often revealing insights into the world of commercial seduction.
    ISBN 9783899554625. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    out of print
    • $89.50
  • 100 Writing & Crafting Papers from Paris: Season Paper Collection (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    100 Writing & Crafting Papers from Paris: Season Paper Collection (Japanese only, mostly visual)

    “Season Paper Collection” is a French stationery brand that is well known for its delicate and poetic handwriting patterns with a vintage feel. This title collects 50 original patterns from the brand, completely removable and printed on a variety of textured papers, including pure white smooth paper, vanilla-coloured rough paper and brown craft paper. Some have reversible designs, and others feature ruled lines on the back.
    ISBN 9784756249845. Pie Books.
    • $37.50
  • 100 Writing and Crafting Papers from Paris (Japanese, part English)

    100 Writing and Crafting Papers from Paris (Japanese, part English)

    The follow-up to '100 Illustrated Writing Papers by 25 Contemporary Japanese Artists'. This book features beautiful designs from 12 French artists printed on different textures of paper. Includes 100 sheets of perforated paper that can be used for a variety of craft activities.
    ISBN 9784756246264. Pie Books.
    • $35.00
  • 100 Years of Japanese Graphic Design (in Japanese with some English)

    100 Years of Japanese Graphic Design (in Japanese with some English)

    Covering a period of 100 years, this title showcases masterworks of Japanese graphic design placed in their cultural and historical contexts: early graphic design works from the end of the 19th century; high-impact designs created in the post-war era; original advertisement styles that developed alongside Japan’s rapidly growing economy in the latter half of the 20th century; and modern graphic design that takes a comprehensive approach to designing both products and spaces.
    ISBN 9784756248855. Pie Books.
    • $79.50
  • 100% TobeUs : Matteo Ragni

    100% TobeUs : Matteo Ragni

    100% TobeUs is a project by Matteo Ragni. A toy car made of cedar wood is born from a project: a design as well as a life project. The toy is for children, men, and women of tomorrow. In this book, Elisa Massoni provides us with a complete exegesis of TobeUs, from its birth to the toy car each and every one one of us can design by following a few simple rules.
    ISBN 9788875703790. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $22.00
  • 1000 & 40 Ways of Using Sponge and Other Materials

    1000 & 40 Ways of Using Sponge and Other Materials

    A book dedicated to materials, shapes and colours, and to the ability to combine and use them in new ways all the time. The result is an abstract art exhibition on paper, to be flicked through in search of creative inspiration.
    ISBN 9788875702250. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $45.00
  • 100X100 Achille

    100X100 Achille

    Achille Castiglioni’s passion for objects of anonymous design is evidenced by the famous window in his studio, which exhibits all those collected throughout a lifetime. To celebrate the Maestro’s 100th birthday, the Achille Castiglioni Foundation has entrusted the curating of an exhibition to Chiara Alessi and Domitilla Dardi, who have asked 100 Italian and international designers to donate their favourite anonymous objects. 100x100 Achille is the collection of these birthday gifts—and some greeting cards—sent by colleagues who have known Castiglioni, former university students or designers who have been inspired by his work; among others, the Bourorullec brothers, Studio Formafantasma, Konstantin Grcic, Giulio Iacchetti, Enzo Mari, Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck, and Patricia Urquiola. A tribute to the master who is also a focus on one of the most investigated themes in the design world today. Because it isin the curiosity for everyday objects and the investigation of their function that a new planning can find space. With texts by Carlo Castiglioni, Giovanna Castiglioni, Chiara Alessi and Domitilla Dardi. Photographs by Emanuele Zamponi.
    ISBN 9788875707071. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $49.50
  • 101 Essential Rock Records HB

    101 Essential Rock Records HB

    Celebrates 101 great albums from The Beatles' 1963 debut to The Sex Pistols 1977 Never Mind the Bollocks. An essay on each album is accompanied by the original vinyl album art and variations from around the world. There are interviews with rock 'n' royal royalty and contributions from performers as diverse as Suzanne Vega, Johnny Marr and els Cline.
    ISBN 9781584234883. Gingko Press.
    • $69.95
  • 101 Golden Rules for Game Designers

    101 Golden Rules for Game Designers

    ISBN 9781908175403. Gingko Press.
    out of print
    • $60.00
  • 128 Colors

    128 Colors

    Katrin Trautwein produces more than 900 recipes for paint from which she has proposed - based on her work with architects, designers and historical preservationists - a selection of 128 colors, each color presented with a sample, their potential uses and significance.
    ISBN 9783034603171. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $165.00
  • 1D: The First Dimension

    1D: The First Dimension

    This publication focuses on the learning and function of drawing. Drawing assignments created for the Basel School of Design are commented on based on a conceptual system in the form of a "network card" that shows the quality of the drawings and provides the vocabulary necessary to communicate about the complex process of drawing.
    ISBN 9783034603676. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $96.50
  • 20th Century Pattern Design

    20th Century Pattern Design

    ISBN 9781616890650. Princeton Architectural Press.
    out of print
    • $75.00
  • 220 Degrees C Virus Monobloc - SPECIAL PRICE

    220 Degrees C Virus Monobloc - SPECIAL PRICE

    Monobloc is the term for that stackable plastic chair found on terraces the world over. Design nerds hate it, but it's the most successful piece of furniture ever. In addition to homage paid by Philippe Starck, Jerszy Seymour, Maarten Baas and Konstantin Grcic, the book presents photography and art in a tongue-in-cheek take on the phenomenon of this chair.
    ISBN 9783899553178. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $30.00
  • 225 Colours

    225 Colours

    Building on the success of her sample book 128 Colors, Katrin Trautwein presents a new selection of 225 colours, which is the result of her many years of cooperation with architects, designers, and conservators. Each colour is presented with a handmade paint sample. Information on each colour's composition and origin is provided, and the features that distinguish it for architecture and design work are described.
    ISBN 9783035612028. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $150.00
  • 3 Storeys

    3 Storeys

    3 Storeys is a playful adventure of pattern and architecture inspired by the textures of John Piper and the journey of the Modernist movement in 20th century British architecture. It is a book designed to be cut (along the dotted lines) to create '3 Storeys', a flick book inspired by the 'Heads, Bodies & Legs' parlour-game played by children and surrealists everywhere. Open the book and flip the sections to create your own facades!
    ISBN 9780993286643. Design for Today.
    • $25.00
  • 306090: 01

    306090: 01

    ISBN 9781568983479. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $25.00
  • 42 x 12: The Cult of Fixed

    42 x 12: The Cult of Fixed

    ISBN 9780955912139. Carpet Bombing Culture.
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    • $51.50
  • 50 Years of Japanese Logotype and Symbol Mark (mostly visual with Japanese language, some English)

    50 Years of Japanese Logotype and Symbol Mark (mostly visual with Japanese language, some English)

    From the first issue of the Japan Lettering & Typography Annual published in 1969 to the Applied Typography 2019, this book showcases the best 1000 logos and symbols showcased across all 50 issues of the publication. One of the best references, an archive book and a collector’s item, through this title you can follow the transition and the genealogy of Japanese logotype and symbol mark across 50 years to its position in design today.
    ISBN 9784756252937. Pie Books.
    • $75.00
  • 72 dpi Animee

    72 dpi Animee

    ISBN 9783931126728. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $53.50
  • A piece of

    A piece of

    Look, collect, send. "A piece of" cards are a way of sharing the experience of a holiday. Senders can convey their experience of a particular moment or place by simply sending a postcard. Visit the city, take a look around, find a bit of the city you want to send, put it on "A piece of" card and send it!
    ISBN OG29. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $10.00
  • A-Frame Notecards and Postcards

    A-Frame Notecards and Postcards

    Pulled from the pages of the classic book "A-Frame", this fold-out portfolio contains a variety of notecards and postcards that hearken back to the golden, groovy age of midcentury A-frame ski-lodges, country homes, and vacation getaways. Featuring eight notecards and envelopes (two sizes, eight different designs) and four postcards that showcase the photogenic, illustrative, and architectural charm of the mighty A-frame.
    ISBN 9781616892937. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $31.50
  • A2Z+ Alphabets and Signs

    A2Z+ Alphabets and Signs

    Now in its fourth iteration, revised and dramatically expanded with over 100 new pages, Julian Rothenstein's classic compendium, A2Z+ remains the ultimate source for unusual, inventive fonts not found anywhere else: the Tippler alphabet created from an elegant, drunk man's meanderings, and one based on ink spots. Another is derived from an avant-garde Czech ballet and a Russian graphic simplifies the connection between agriculture and industry in elegant Constructivist type.Culled from books, advertisements, packaging, posters, and technical manuals from around the world, this off-beat collection is the perfect inspiration for designers, history buffs and anyone else interested in remarkable typefaces, symbols, and patterns.
    ISBN 9781616897079. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $62.50
  • Abalos + Sentkiewicz: Essays On Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty

    Abalos + Sentkiewicz: Essays On Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty

    A compendium of essays and projects, that creates a projective document able to set up new scenarios for the architecture of the next decade. This is a book that unfolds arguments and designs around the concept of 'thermodynamic beauty'. This new aesthetic category opens up new and unexpected directions to the architect's work, connecting architecture and thermodynamics without giving up the tectonic tradition. The compendium is developed through the concepts of Somatisms, Verticalism, Thermodynamic Materialism, Monsters Assemblage, and, summarising design strategies and opening new territories at the scales of building, public space and landscape.
    ISBN 9781940291192. Actar.
    • $78.00
  • Abbott Miller: Design and Content

    Abbott Miller: Design and Content

    Abbott Miller: Design and Content is the first monograph on the award-winning graphic designer known for his innovative work at multi-disciplinary design firm, Pentagram. Miller presents his work as a catalog of design strategies, emerging from the unique circumstances of form and content. Four categories: Books, Exhibitions, Magazines, and Identity provide insight into Miller's influences and working process while showcasing his best designs. Includes a foreword by Ellen Lupton.
    ISBN 9781568987262. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $115.00
  • ABC with Imagination

    ABC with Imagination

    Made for Danese in 1960, this game merges Munari's interest in the world of children with his research about multiples. 26 linear and circular elements can make up any letter of the alphabet, or whatever the imagination suggests. These elements are also flexible and modular, so that they can be moved closer to each other or superimposed.
    ISBN 8033532910013. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $75.00
  • ABC+


    Fetis is highly acclaimed for his modern take on 1960s and 1970s psychedelia with playful characters and colour-saturated forms. He is a contributor to the world's best design magazines and his incredibly versatile creative output is showcased here in his first solo publication.
    ISBN 9783931126872. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $105.00
  • ABCs of Bauhaus

    ABCs of Bauhaus

    ISBN 9781878271426. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $37.50
  • ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and design Theory

    ABCs of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and design Theory

    The Bauhaus, the legendary school in Dessau, Germany, transformed architecture and design around the world. This book broke new ground when first published in 1991 by introducing psychoanalysis, geometry, early childhood education, and popular culture into the standard political history of the Bauhaus. This new edition is published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Bauhaus, with a new preface by Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller.
    ISBN 9781616897987. Princeton Architectural Press.
    • $62.50
  • Abstrakt 7: Defence

    Abstrakt 7: Defence

    This publication explores through factual and fantastic texts as well as appealing and funny illustrations the phenomenon of defence. What defence strategies exist? How can we arm ourselves against the complex threats of the present and the future, both economic and social? These questions and more are answered by various experts.
    ISBN 9783899554311. Die Gestalten Verlag.
    • $37.50
  • Accidentism: Josef Frank NEW EDITION

    Accidentism: Josef Frank NEW EDITION

    A book about the late oeuvre of the Austrian architect, designer and theorist Josef Frank, whose seminal work has generated new interest following the successful exhibition at the MAK in Vienna. Josef Frank is seen as an important visionary at the early stages of the Moderne movement and an outspoken critic of its dogmatism. With his unconventional designs he not only left his mark on Viennese culture at the beginning of the previous century, but also influenced the "Scandinavian style". From the mid-1930s, Frank lived predominantly in Sweden. There he worked for the Svenskt Tenn company, which still maintains the largest part of his designs in its range. This bibliophilic book introduces Frank's late, unbuilt building projects, as well as his timeless furniture and fabric designs.
    ISBN 9783035611199. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $55.00
  • Achille Castiglioni

    Achille Castiglioni

    This book is the result of Paola Antonelli's original design for the Castiglioni exhibition at MOMA. Castiglioni's objects are placed together with his short texts and with Steven Guarnaccia's illustrations and convey the sense of the project to the public.
    ISBN 9788887942026. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $50.00
  • Acona Biconbi

    Acona Biconbi

    Designed by Bruno Munari in 1961 for Danese Milano this design game comprises ten discs each with a central hole and the outline of an equilateral triangle. By folding and assembling the discs can be made into any number of sculptural and structural forms. A characteristically inventive approach to putting 'a with a, and b with b'.
    ISBN 8033532910006. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $39.50
  • ADI Design Index 2011 (p53)

    ADI Design Index 2011 (p53)

    ADI Design Index is the ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale's annual publication. It includes a collection of the best Italian design to go into production, chosen by a permanent jury known as the Osservatorio permanente del Design ADI. The selection encompasses products and product systems of every kind, theoretical study and critiques, studies into processes or business applied to design. This year the book has a new look and contents.
    ISBN 9788875703288. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $72.00
  • ADI Design Index 2012

    ADI Design Index 2012

    ADI Design Index is the annual publication of the Association for Industrial Design, which groups together the best Italian design put into production and chosen by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI. The selection includes products or product systems for each product category, theoretical and critical research, and process or business research applied to design.Once again, the innovative design of the volume bears the signature of the studio Zup Associati: a layout reliant on QR interactive codes for consulting the book, allowing new opportunities for communication for the benefit of all those selected. And then, infographics, images, texts and reasoned contributions from Luisa Bocchietto, Mino Politi, Lara Bezzecchi, Kuno Prey, Fulvio Carmagnola, Vittorio Marchis, Giovanni F. Casucci and Stefano Micelli."Il progetto ci salvera" (Design can save us) is the title of the text by Luisa Bocchietto, president of ADI: "In the same way that it is possible to design material objects and products, it's also possible to design new living systems."In this light ADI is therefore presented as a sort of little social experiment, a field of intellectual reflection related to material culture. In short, a place, but also a precious opportunity to think, imagine and design. It is that same visionary and revolutionary spirit of Italian design we find in ADI Design Index 2012.ADI Design Index 2012 is published by Corraini Edizioni, as are ADI XXII Compasso d'Oro 2011, ADI Targa Giovani 2011 and ADI Design Index 2011.
    ISBN 9788875703653. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $64.50
  • ADI Design Index 2013

    ADI Design Index 2013

    ADI Design Index is the annual publication of the Association for Industrial Design, which groups together the best Italian design put into production and chosen by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI. The selection includes products or product systems for each product category, theoretical and critical research, and process or business research applied to design.
    ISBN 9788875704223. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $70.00
  • ADI XXII Compasso D'Oro

    ADI XXII Compasso D'Oro

    The Compasso d'Oro are Italy's premier industrial design awards. Bruno Munari, Achille Castiglioni and Philippe Starck are among the prominent past winners. This is the catalogue of the 22nd edition of the awards, featuring the work of 19 prominent industrial designers, including Enzo Mari and Giancarlo Iliprandi, who won career awards.
    ISBN 9788875703080. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $65.00
  • ADI XXIII Compasso d'Oro

    ADI XXIII Compasso d'Oro

    The catalogue of the XXIII Compasso d'Oro ADI prize gathers the best of Italian industrial design over the past three years. The first section of the catalogue features the 21 Compasso d'Oro prize winners. In addition to the traditional awards, the second part includes 90 honourable mentions, products considered that are excellent in a range of categories. The final section is dedicated to the 10 Compasso d'Oro Career Awards. The Compasso d'Oro is the oldest and one of the most influential international design awards, it was established by Gio Ponti in 1954. Awarded by the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design), its goal is to reward and promote the quality of Italian design. The award is given every three years by an international jury to some outstanding objects from the previous three years.
    ISBN 9788875704575. Edizioni Corraini.
    • $58.50
  • Adrian Frutiger: Typefaces - NEW H/C EDITION

    Adrian Frutiger: Typefaces - NEW H/C EDITION

    This revised edition provides a detailed and accurate account of influential Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger's artistic development. All of his types, such as Ondine, Meridien and Avenir, are illustrated and analysed with reference to the technology and related types, from the design phase to the marketing stage. Including types that were never realised and one hundred plus logos, this study edition now has an index and makes Frutiger's achievements even more accessible.
    ISBN 9783038215264. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $135.00
  • Advanced Timber Structures (announced as Complex Wood Structures)

    Advanced Timber Structures (announced as Complex Wood Structures)

    Wood is usually perceived as a "traditional" material. However, the properties of wood also make it possible to design free shapes and highly complex structures. By exploring the hitherto unused potential of wood as a construction material, this book provides an exciting and inspiring outlook on a new generation of timber buildings.
    ISBN 9783035605617. Birkhauser Verlag.
    • $145.00
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