Celebrate the Sydney Architecture Festival with these books

Sep 21, 2017

There is no better time to explore Sydney’s architecture than during the Sydney Architecture Festival. This year’s event, which runs from 29 September to 2 October, considers Sydney's future heritage with a full program of talks, tours and exhibitions. The following guide books are for architecture enthusiasts, and those who want to locate and learn more about the city's finest buildings.

Brutalist Sydney Map
Independently published by Blue Crow Media, Brutalist Sydney Map features 50 of Sydney's most iconic and inspiring examples of Brutalist architecture.

Among the buildings included in this architectural guide is the Sirius apartment complex located in The Rocks, one of the few examples of early brutalism architecture in Australia. Designed by Tao Gofers for the NSW housing department in the 1970s, it was recently saved from demolition after a campaign by the group 'Save Our Sirius' to preserve the building. Other buildings featured include Sydney Town Hall, Bidura Children's House, Buhrich House II, the Eastern Suburbs Railway Vents, and the former CBC Bank Headquarters.

The publication is being launched at the Sydney Architecture Festival with a walking tour of some of the best examples of this architectural style. Curated by architect Glenn Harper, who wrote the introduction for the guide, and comedian Tim Ross.

Brutalist Sydney Map is arriving in September along with Blue Crow Media's other maps covering constructivist, modernist, and art deco architecture in cities such as London, Moscow, Washington, Berlin, Paris, Belgrade, and Boston. The maps are $13.95 each.

9781912018727_1.jpgBrutalist Sydney Map

Footpath Guides Sydney
Another great architectural guide we recommend for Sydney is Footpath Guides’ latest series exploring the historical and culturally significant architecture of the city. Designed for the curious urban explorer, these walking guides take readers on a figurative and literal stroll through the built history of the city.

Footpath Guides to Sydney includes three guides, with each one focusing on notable examples of architecture from a particular era. Readers can explore the best of the city’s post-war architecture in Modern (1950-1990), examine the various architecture styles that developed between the two World Wards in Inter-War (1915-1940)or discover the rich architectural legacy of the historically significant urban enclave of The Rocks in The Rocks (1815-1950).

These informative guides are created by Dave Roper, founder of Crumpler, and Jacques Sheard, an independent filmmaker and architectural academic.  and designed by Sonia Post of Design Democracy to reflect the graphic style of the era. 

Due to arrive at the end of September, they can be purchased separately ($20 each) or as a box set containing all three guides ($50). Footpath Guides have also previously published guides for Melbourne, which are available now in good bookstores throughout Australia and on our website.


Footpath Guides Sydney