10% off all orders – isolation special

Apr 1, 2020
Dear Customers, We hope you are all staying healthy and sane in isolation. We are still here with one or two staff working at a safe distance and others working at home. During this difficult time, we think it’s important to try and support local booksellers and other small businesses that in turn support our communities and makers. Without community support, many local booksellers and small retailers will struggle to survive and retain their workers. Imagine your local area without independent retail. For those in a position to continue to buy books, we encourage you to buy books from your local independent bookseller (most are offering website and telephone sales and local drop-offs) or the website of a local distributor like ourselves, rather than from the big online sellers like Amazon and Book Depository who are already profiting from this crisis, at the expense of their workers and the taxpayer. In the last two weeks orders from our bookshop customers have ground to a halt and we have very little income. To support those in isolation at home and to stimulate sales, we are offering 10% off all books that are in stock on our online store. Simply head to manic.com.au and enter MANIC2020 at the checkout. All Australian orders over $25 are free of postage. If you live locally in Brunswick and surrounding suburbs, we will drop off your order personally, otherwise we'll send it by mail or courier. We'll also be putting together some collections of books that will keep you engaged while in isolation so check our Instagram @booksatmanic. Starting later this week we'll also be featuring SALE books on Instagram (put link). These are books with a minor fault like a little dent in the corner and they are priced at less than 50% of retail. If you wish to order them after seeing an Instagram post just email us at manicex@manic.com.au, call us on (03) 9380 5337 or message us on Instagram with your contact details and we will arrange payment over the phone or by EFT. We're happy to send you some more detailed photos of the sale book you're interested in. Books are a wonderful resource when we have to spend more time at home, providing entertainment, inspiration, knowledge and comfort. – The Manic Team